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Fall Market & Pattern Release

It’s that time of year again, the rainy season....actually its when Fall Quilt Market comes to town! For those unfamiliar ~ this is the wholesale industry trade-show the week before Houston International Quilt Festival. This marks my 15th year to attend! I plan on posting a lot on social media so if you want a behind… Continue reading Fall Market & Pattern Release

Rambling On, Weekly Review

Show & Tell

Yesterday I had two different workshop students email photos of their completed quilts, and I have their permission to share. Sandy attended two workshops this past April when I was in South Florida. Both quilts are The Quilt Rambler patterns and available as a PDF download on the website or can be ordered as print… Continue reading Show & Tell

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Bursting With News – Checking The Boxes

🎶summer breeze, makes me feel fine🎶always have a quilt on my mind 🎶🤦‍♀️ Okay, so maybe everything isn’t a song, but why not! I could be singing 🎶because I’m happy, happy, happy 🎶 Yes, I’m happy because it’s July  and here's my reasons why: (1) summer is my fav time of the year (2) it’s my… Continue reading Bursting With News – Checking The Boxes

In The News, Secret Quilting Project

The Secret is Out!

Back in November, if you remember, I posted several "secret sewing" photos across social media - well dear readers, today is the day to let that secret out! Actually I'm a day late and a dollar short but such is life! Spring Market 2019 I am priveleged to belong to a group of fabulous designers… Continue reading The Secret is Out!

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The Quilt Rambler On The Road – South Florida

  I love road trips, even those that are technically ✈️plane rides... thought I'd share this weekend's adventures. Actually, I'm still on the final chapter as my "road trip" is experiencing multiple "trip delays".....I'm writing this on my mobile device so pardon the poor formatting, etc ~ but what else am I to do when… Continue reading The Quilt Rambler On The Road – South Florida

Time, a quilt designed and pieced by Karen Overton
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Time.  Generally speaking, we all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, to fill at our discretion. Time is precious. Time is something we tend to take for granted. Sometimes we don't think about time until it's time to do something, such as an appointment, or when time is running short, as… Continue reading Time

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Time to Getaway! Island Batik Blog Hop

Getaway... Island Batik style... Oh, my thoughts just naturally turn to a tropical vacation! I can't help it! I know I am blessed to live on the Texas Gulf Coast, just 23 miles inland from Galveston Island, so thankful I'm not shoveling snow. And yes, my favorite getaway is usually a cruise out of the… Continue reading Time to Getaway! Island Batik Blog Hop

Quilt Rambler Patterns

Geese Over Galveston Bay

I am so excited to finally announce the pattern release of Geese Over Galveston Bay. Patterns will ship next week! In true rambler style here's the story behind the quilt! The Goose Flew East Back around the turn of the century our family lived and worked on the road as modern day gypsies - we… Continue reading Geese Over Galveston Bay

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Summer Lovin’ – The Great Outdoors Blog Hop

  Ah, summertime ~ don't you just love being outdoors in the summer! Do you have summer memories as a kid (or with your kids) of picnics on the beach, boat rides, hiking, biking, camping or just enjoying the sunset together? I'm an endless summer sort of gal and I like nothing better than dreaming… Continue reading Summer Lovin’ – The Great Outdoors Blog Hop

Island Batik fabric
Island Batik Ambassador, Island Batik Fabrics, Quilt Rambler Patterns, Studio 180 Design, Table Topper

Hidden Star – July Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

July's Island Batik Ambassador Challenge is Secondary Patterns. I knew I wanted to use the 10" stack precuts of Paisley Dot in Earth Tones along with the orange and black matching yardage that I received in my first Ambassador fabric box earlier this year. Seeing Stars I decided that you can't go wrong with a… Continue reading Hidden Star – July Island Batik Ambassador Challenge