Summer Series Fab Four: Coming Soon

Oh, my goodness! I am beyond excited!

I can’t wait to reveal my “Summer Series Fab Four” 

What’s that you ask?

For the past four months, count them, FOUR MONTHS, I’ve been behind the scenes developing four, count them, FOUR, new designs that I am bursting to share with you!

Hold tight – all will be revealed soon!

Lots of secret sewing has been going on in The Quilt Rambler studio and beyond! Yes, BEYOND!

I have two P3’s working with me – “pattern proofing peeps” – to assist me in proofing the design, making blocks to check the math, as well as making samples, some of them full size!!! Together with my professional text editor and graphic artist we take our time to ensure that the patterns you purchase from The Quilt Rambler are more than just colorful (did I mention full color patterns), that they offer clear instructions as well as detailed illustrations to assist you in recreating my designs. 

Who are the P3’s?

Cindy Moores hovers between Florida and Wisconsin depending upon the season ~ she’s been working behind the scenes at both her winter and summer homes. Cindy is also a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor and has been most helpful to make sure that my “companion patterns” are truly compatible with the fabulous Deb Tucker tools.

Lisa Williams lives locally. If you’ve kept up with some of my rambles you will know that Lisa and I are “outlaws” – we dubbed ourselves that when her sister married my husband’s brother…we aren’t “in-laws” so we decided, we are outlaws! Now we are the Outlaw Quilters or Quilting Outlaws – depends upon the day (or night, as once we were quilting late in the evening when we had to shelter in place due to a tornado warning – in case you missed it we did a silly video posted on Facebook while waiting for the warning to pass). Lisa has helped with secret sewing both here in The Quilt Rambler studio as well as working on projects in her home studio.

Each of these ladies have brought a lot to the table in how they assist me. Let’s just sum it up by saying there’s been lots of laughter, lots of phone calls, lots of texts, and a few facetime gatherings with all three of us. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate and love these gals! 

When is THE Big Reveal?

Well, dang it, you will just have to wait until Monday, August 10th for my big reveal! I know, that seems so unfair to tease like this, but there’s still a few behind the scenes things to wrap up…for example, pattern number 4 is still back and forth between my text editor, myself, and my graphic artist with its final proof. 

Also behind the scenes I’ve got a little glitch in the website that GoDaddy is working on – seems the SSL (secure license) is in the renewal/verification stage which I hope will be cleared up by Monday…if you get something goofy between now and then just join me in “patience”, not my best character trait, certainly constantly being in development (grin).

But Wait – There’s More!

Oh! And to give you another little taste of my excitement…. I am having the hardest time sitting on this…There will be a video promo for these patterns!!! I am so pleased to have Matt Curran of Curran Creative to produce and direct this video. Matt is an artist/creator in his own right. I just gave him the quilts and let him have creative license. Yep, no rambler blunders ~ this is a professional production that I hope once it airs that you will share with your friends and especially with your local quilt shop letting them know to contact me for wholesale pricing at

How Will You Know about The Big Reveal?

Multiple ways actually. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you know I will post there, as well as here on the blog….I’d like to encourage you to go ahead and “subscribe” to both the blog AND my YouTube channel, especially the YouTube channel as you are most certainly going to want to see Matt’s production introducing the quilts and patterns!

How Will You Order Patterns?

Glad you asked! The digital PDF downloads will be available on Monday from my website through the PayHip link and my Etsy store, joining my other patterns. I’m in the process of setting up another form of “online shopping experience” but not sure if it will be live by the big reveal (another “coming soon event” – never a dull moment over here).

The print versions are in process. Two of them are expected any day now, the third is in production, and the fourth will go into production over the weekend…All that to say, print copies will be available mid-August. These will be offered in my Etsy store and hopefully by then on my new “online shopping experience”.  Or YOUR local quilt shop if you pass on a referral!

Speaking of my patterns – here’s a little list of what you can expect from The Quilt Rambler’s patterns. 

  1. Full color booklet format (except my first pattern Illuminated Journeybut hey, I was just learning the ropes!)
  2. Clear complete instructions – as companion patterns for Studio 180 Design tools, (except my second pattern Mint Chocolate Chip which uses the GoCutter die for Drunkard’s Path, only because Deb didn’t offer this tool) it is important to me that you have all the instructions that you need to make my designs without having to refer to the tool’s instruction sheet. I meanwhat if you were at sewing retreat and forgot to pack the tool instruction sheet – gasp! No worries, I’ve got’cha covered! 
  3. Speaking of instructions – each pattern has been professionally edited and tested to ensure quality measurements and accuracy in the directions to the best of our ability. I want you to have an enjoyable experience working with my designs.
  4. Beautiful illustrations – I know many of you “quilt by picture”, yep, I know you do! Each pattern has illustrations from the viewpoint of how you’d be looking at the units in your own sewing studio. You’re welcome.
  5. I don’t really have another point except that the design and printing is professionally done, and I’m pleased to be able to share my patterns with you.

Did I mention that the booklets range in size from 12 pages to 20? Lots of detailed instructions and illustrations in every one!

Okay – I’ve got lots to do between now and Monday! You do too – finish up what you are currently quilting and get ready to be inspired with new designs. I hope you have difficulty in deciding which one to do first (grin) cuz I know you are going to want to order all four! 

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, sayin’ happy weekend y’all!

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