Time, a quilt designed and pieced by Karen Overton

Time.  Generally speaking, we all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, to fill at our discretion. Time is precious. Time is something we tend to take for granted. Sometimes we don’t think about time until it’s time to do something, such as an appointment, or when time is running short, as in an approaching deadline. We speak of time in terms like Time to Eat! or Time to Go! Time to Quilt! (which of course is a quilter’s favorite time of day). Often time is generic as we speak of having the time of our lives. Time can be marked by specific increments, as in 0800 or 8 AM, or by the “time of day” such as morning or evening. Time can be elusive too as sometimes we feel like we have wasted time, or perhaps time feels like a whirlwind we are caught up in not knowing what comes next.  We celebrate time with milestones such as birthdays or anniversaries. We mark time by seasons and years. Truly time is a cherished commodity. So what in the world does time have to do with “my time” to share with the Twilight Chic Blog Hop? Glad you asked!  It’s Island Time with The Quilt Rambler ~ Let’s Talk Quilts!

Twilight Chic Time!

Twilight Chic display at Island Batik’s booth, Fall Market 2017

If you have been following this rambler you are aware that I am a certified instructor with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. I have been so excited about Deb’s first signature collection with Island Batik called Twight Chic. As a former ambassador with Island Batik, I’ve had sneak peeks of this line for several months and was thrilled to actually see the entire line at Fall Market 2018 along with Deb’s fabulous new patterns featuring this collection as well as a few favorites remade with Twilight Chic. It was a lot of fun last fall to be a part of the intro blog hop called Evening Elegance to have an opportunity to make two of Deb’s Blockbuster Blocks for inclusion in a beautiful quilt. If you missed that hop, here’s a link.

Design Time

The Studio 180 Design home office contacted me a few weeks ago to verify my participation in this blog hop and I have to say I’ve been marking time waiting for my turn to share with you my quilt design made with Twilight Chic fabrics! I didn’t have a plan yet…and I needed to request yardage… This is a good time to put in that little disclaimer or whatever ~ Fabrics were provided by Island Batik and Studio 180 Design (I do hate to brag, but us Texans do tend to strut a bit when things bless our socks off ~ time to be grateful and express my appreciation!) As I was saying… I didn’t really have a plan so I decided to keep it simple and design a quilt using the best selling Tucker Trimmer I® and what better than the quarter square unit, commonly called “hourglass” ~ ah ha you say, now you get the time theme!!

Hourglass marks Time
The sands of time. As an hourglass represents time so the humble hourglass quilt unit became the inspiration for “Time” ~ quilt designed, pieced and quilted by The Quilt Rambler, Karen E Overton

Time To Sew

Now that we’ve established the time factor, let’s walk through some of the sewing on this island beauty. The instructions to make the hourglass unit is included with the tool. I love how Deb has done all the math for us (saves me time – pun intended) as she includes the cut sizes for various unit sizes. With the Tucker Trimmer I®  I can construction blocks from 1″ up to 6 1/2″ in half-inch increments whereas with the Tucker Trimmer III® block sizes go from 1″ up to 12 1/2″ also in half-inch increments. Both tools are an important part of my Tucker Toolbox.

Time to sew! Don’t you just love the vine design in this fabric from the Twilight Chic collection

The Tucker Trimmer I® is used to trim down slightly oversized units to precise measurements. In addition to basic trim down the tool is useful to construction half square triangles, combination units and quarter square units (hourglass) when using The Quilter’s Magic Wand® to mark stitching lines. Again, all the directions are included with the tool.

In no time multiple half square triangles were pieced the Deb Tucker way


Layer two half square triangles right sides together, mark with The Quilter’s Magic Wand®, and it’s time to sew again


Don’t you just love how the points match up – every time! By the way, the light colored fabric with swirls is actually a basic fabric from Island Batik called Yoke ~ it’s the perfect blender for Twilight Chic or any batik project.


Time to trim the hourglass units using the Tucker Trimmer I® – the markings on the tool assure precision trimming


I generally take the time to press all my seams open, I love my Strip Stick for this purpose I find the extra time is well spent for my quilts to lay flatter with less bulk in the seams which aids in the quilting process

Time to Quilt!

Was that fast? That was fast! The time between piecing and loading on the longarm was only three days. Then again, there wasn’t much time for anything else ~ who has time to cook or clean, there are quilts to be made!

For this project, I decided to double layer my batting. I used an 80/20 blend on the back then layered a poly batting on top to give a higher definition of texture in the quilting design elements. The backing fabric is another foundation line by Island Batik called Weeds.


All loaded on the longarm, before basting the sides for quilting I like to raise the take-up leader to check for any loose threads.

Time for Show And Tell

Finally! Time to take the quilt off the frame to take a little time to do a happy dance ~ it turned out better than I had planned. I enjoyed taking a little time to study the texture and visual effect the free-flowing formal feathers provided. If you take time to notice, all the hourglass blocks seem to be suspended in time and space yet they are joined together with the common connecting fabrics. My thoughts when I designed this revolved around making some sort of connection of my time here on earth. Sometimes I spin one direction, other times I spin in the opposite direction. I quilted my feather puffs spinning in different directions to convey these thoughts. And I took the time to enjoy the process ~ from the design to the piecing to the quilting.

Hot off the frame – Time, designed, pieced and quilted by The Quilt Rambler


A peek at the back for all you longarm quilters out there who like to take the time to “see” the quilting

Time to Bind

Trying to make good use of the fabrics provided, I decided to make a scrappy binding…to mimic the movement of the hourglass “pinwheels” I joined the small strips on the diagonal, trying to balance the colors as I connected the small scraps.

Scraps were joined to form the binding with a controlled scrappy order of construction as in – try not to have two of the same fabrics joined together to keep the uniformed spacing…time will tell if this works or not!


Time to be thankful again! who knew that similar fabrics would be the beginning and the end of the binding ~ it looks like I planned it that way. Oh, wait! I did do that on purpose, didn’t I?!?

We interrupt this binding process for a short time to share a binding tip…..

Hate to admit that time is of the essence – it’s the midnight hour and my quilt needs to be bound for the photography….where oh where did the time go? I’ve used this little tip on more than one occasion and it really is a time saver.

Elmer’s School Glue to the rescue (has to be the washable type). Take time to carefully put a little stream of Elmers on the backing of the quilt inside the quarter inch seam line


Carefully fold the binding over to cover the seam line and press to heat set the glue

This method may seem like it takes too much time but I promise it’s worth a try. The time-saving tip is two-fold. One, from the front it looks like the binding has been handsewn down on the back. Two, when I do have the opportunity to take the time to actually stitch I won’t have to pin (or worry about sticking myself with a pin! Ouch!). It isn’t hard to needle through like using quarter inch binding tape with the added bonus is this is not permanent as the glue washes out when the quilt is washed!  You’re welcome.

Everything looks better with binding!


Time to enjoy the texture


I just love the scrappy binding up close, don’t you? Since I don’t always put labels on in a timely manner I generally quilt my signature butterfly then add my initials KEO and the year. An added record that marks the time of my creations

Island Time

Oh, how I love island time ~ whether it’s time spent at the beach or just day-dreaming of the beach. Island time is more fun with Island Batik fabrics in Deb Tucker’s signature collection Twilight Chic.

Time to day-dream of tropical vacations. Time, designed, pieced and quilted by The Quilt Rambler. I think time is playing tricks on my eyes ~ use your imagination, squint your eyes and tell me if you can see that the top block is in the shape of the state of Texas? How I wish that was Galveston Bay in the photo!


One More Time Around the Block

Congratulations for taking the time to make it this far in the blog post (grin). I hope you have enjoyed the Twilight Chic week as much as I have. In case you missed any of the stops along this journey  I’ve included all the links below near the end of this post. Good things come to those who wait ~ there’s a giveaway too!  We’re still on island time…Relax and carry on, it’s almost twilight as our hop comes to an end…but in true rambler fashion….”But wait! There’s more!!

Paradise Island by The Quilt Rambler, Twilight Chic fabric collection for Deb Tucker by Island Batik


Paradise Island, The Quilt Rambler pattern, releasing February 2019
What a joy to share Paradise Island with Sue, Deb, and Sarah who each played an important role in my journey!


Click to purchase your PDF download

My latest pattern is being released this month! Paradise Island is made with the Twilight Chic fabrics provided by Island Batik. The printed pattern will be shipping after Valentines Day however the PDF is available now as a download. I am so excited that the pattern showcases the tools by Studio 180 Design as well as Deb’s signature fabric collection. It is truly a joy to be associated with both Studio 180 Design and Island Batik.


Giveaway Time

Click here to enter Deb’s giveaway

In addition, I am giving away a PDF version of Paradise Island on the link below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


All Good Things Must Come to an End

It’s been a fun week ~ be sure and visit my fellow certified instructor (CI) Tina Dillard as we share the caboose on this twilight train….here’s a recap of the blog posts for #TwilightChicWeek ~ on behalf of all the CI’s, Studio 180 Design and Island Batik thank you for hopping around with us this week. We hope you will check your local quilt shop for the Twilight Chic collection that is shipping now. In the event your shop didn’t place an order for this line I’m listing links to a few of our CI’s who also run a quilt shop ~ they will be more than happy to assist you with your fabric purchases and/or patterns. In addition, please do visit Studio 180 Design for tools and patterns.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – scroll down for helpful links

Island time parting shot…Time and Paradise Island designed, pieced and quilted by The Quilt Rambler using Studio 180 Design’s Tucker Trimmer I® with Twilight Chic fabrics provided by Island Batik

Monday, February 4

Gaggle of Geese Tuffet with Sharyn of The Tuffet Source

Tuesday, February 5

Jackie O’Brien, If These Threads Could Talk

Gail Renna, Quilt Haven Threads

Wednesday, February 6

Deb Tucker – Twilight Chic Projects

Thursday, February 7

Jill Seitcheck, Binding Bound

Bonny Peters, Cat Den Mountain Quilts

Friday, February 8

Michelle Hiatt, Sew On The Go

Debby Brown, Debby Brown Quilts

Saturday, February 9 

Karen Overton, the Quilt Rambler

Tina Dillard, Quilting Affection Designs


Certified Instructor Shops – sources for Twilight Chic fabric

Cyn Wilde, The Quilters Cottage Fabrics,  Richmond TX

Byran McCoy, Bolts And Quarters Quilt Shop,   Parkersburg WV

Debbie Kalently, Quilter’s Obsession,  Flagtown NJ


But wait! There will be more! I’ve got my own personal stash of Twilight Chic 10″ squares and 2 1/2″ strips for future rambles!

33 thoughts on “Time

  1. Allison Evrard says:

    It’s always so hard to choose when there are so many beautiful quilts. Deb Brown’s King’s Pawn is probably my favorite. But I’m also partial to your Time quilt.

  2. Gene Black says:

    I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I love Quilting Affection’s Getaway – because of the illusion of curves. I love Debby Brown’s King’s Pawn because I love those stars. But I love the movement and the scrappy binding in your quilt.

  3. Peggy says:

    I find it very hard to choose as I love anything made with Twilight Chic. Every day I say this is my favorite but as I go back and review all the blogs I find that I just love them all! I love the Studio 180 design tools all my blocks are the right size so there is no fudging to put it all together! Keep up the good work. Love following you!

  4. Barb says:

    I have loved everything, however, I think my favorite that I will do immediately is the tablerunners by Michelle Hiatt. Loved all!

  5. Jennifer Padden says:

    Simply Yummy! I really like your new pattern and am so happy to purchase from a fellow Texan, as soon as I get my paycheck!

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Oh crumb, I just found out about this on the last day??!!! I’m in love with both of your quilts and want to make both of them!!!

  7. TEri says:

    This fabric collection is so,gorgeous it’s hard to not love all the projects. I think Time is my favorite.

  8. Pat Reed says:

    Thank you, Karen.
    Using the Deb Tucker rulers and Technique Sheets has added joy to my growing quilting skills!
    You have been such an inspiration to this quilter! 🙂

  9. Pat Anderson says:

    I think King’s Pawn but they are all wonderful! I have been quilting over 40 years but have just recently discovered how wonderful Deb Tucker’s rulers are! Quilting just doesn’t disappoint–always new things to learn! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. Roseanne says:

    Hi Karen! I just love ALL the fabrics in this line. That basic one, Yoke, sure does go well with everything and what a fabulous neutral with a bit of visual interest when you look closely. Your quilting looks great, and I was just putting an hourglass block together for a color of the month SQL. I was wishing I had the 180 rulers when you showed how easily it was to trim the blocks (pretty nails too)! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Janet T says:

    I really love your Time quilt. Not only are the colors beautiful, but your quilting is beautiful as well!

  12. Carol Andrews says:

    I think a twilight Chic is the most stunning collection of Island Batik fabric ever. But wait……perhaps it’s the two quilts you made that showcase the fabrics so well. I’m in love with both fabric and patterns. Thank you for showing us the Tucker Tools. They’re on my wish List! Carol Andrews

  13. Anna brown says:

    If I had to chose proubly king pawn …But the colors and what you all did with them..I love them all…..ty for sharing your talents with us….

  14. Pam Jolly says:

    I have loved all the projects, but your quilt is the one that makes me want to buy the trimmer ruler. It is a beautiful quilt.

  15. Brenda says:

    Wow, they are all great, but I must say I’m partial to yours!! Beautiful – and your new pattern is too!! I love stars!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this beautiful fabric and your pattern!!

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