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How Fast Can The Quilt Rambler Ramble?

At the speed of lightening…or so it seems as we have had more than our [...]


Time.  Generally speaking, we all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, [...]

Time to Getaway! Island Batik Blog Hop

Getaway… Island Batik style… Oh, my thoughts just naturally turn to a tropical vacation! I [...]

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

“Let’s go and say we went!”  That’s something I remember my dad saying…this week has [...]

Sew Much To Do Sew Little Time

Don’t you feel that way sometimes? That the to-do list or calendar obligations seem to [...]

Let’s Talk Feathers

Friends don’t let friends be featherless especially if that friend happens to be a longarm [...]

Rough Roads and Rainbows

Life is full of ups and downs, disappointments and times of joy – what I [...]

Modern Quilt Island Batik Challenge – Part 2 – Quilting The Quilt

…to continue…. Quilting A Modern Quilt As a review, I’m an Island Batik Ambassador and [...]

Secret Quilting – A Secret No More

If you have been following The Quilt Rambler on social media the past few weeks [...]

Ode To The Unknown Quilter – A Double Wedding Ring quilt

Ode To The Unknown Quilter –  A Double Wedding Ring Quilt By definition, an ODE [...]

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