Sew Much To Do Sew Little Time

Don’t you feel that way sometimes? That the to-do list or calendar obligations seem to just run together as you race to check things off. Oh summer, you are going too fast!

Forgive me, dear reader, it’s been 13+ days since my last blog (grin). Settle in for a while and catch up on The Quilt Rambler happenings!

Sew Little Time To Sew

Mint Chocolate Chip Fabric Kits by The Quilt Rambler
Cutting Fabric Kits

The past couple of weeks have been a marathon of activity! My sister-in-law Jennifer came over one afternoon to assist me in preparing fabric kits for my recent pattern release Mint Chocolate Chip which uses the Northern Woods fabric collection from Island Batik. While we aren’t back in our house yet (11+ months and counting post-Hurricane Harvey) there are days with no workers present that I take advantage of the kitchen island to be able to spread out and work.


Mint Chocolate Chip Pattern and Fabric Kits available from The Quilt Rambler

The kits were put together just in time for the Island Quilter’s Guild meeting July 26th where I was invited to be one of three “Pop Up Shops”. I enjoyed my “fifteen minutes of fame” as I shared with my home guild the products that I carry, Studio 180 Design tools and patterns, Island Batik precuts, and fabric kits for Studio 180 Design’s pattern Stormy Stars and my two patterns with fabric kits Illuminated Journey and Mint Chocolate Chip. I keep saying that my “online shopping is coming soon” – and it really is! Just as soon as I catch up! Sew much to do! But it’s all sew much fun!

The Quilt Rambler Pop Up Shop
Talk about a spread! All of Studio 180 Design tools in those tall buckets graced the table beside the Island Batik precuts, patterns and fabric kits.
Current worldview of my future studio. I set up a desk area to do a little reading and writing while setting up the ironing board for pressing matters – in the background is my longarm table with protective covering. Soon and very soon I will be back to quilting!

I did sneak in a little sewing these past few weeks. Sewing, not quilting. But still most enjoyable! Again, taking advantage of a day without workers in the house I utilized the empty studio to set up my ironing board while I worked on baby burp towels for our daughter-in-law’s baby shower this weekend! Yep, our first grandbaby is 27 weeks gestation and we can hardly wait to meet her!  I’m taking a chance posting a photo of her gift, but Katie knows she’s getting burp towels as she picked out the sock monkey fabric months ago…she just doesn’t know the fabrics of the other ones!  I am sew behind in sewing for this little one! We picked out black and white fabrics early on for a tummy time quilt that has yet to be cut out and I have a few things up my sleeve of other things I’d like to make…sew little time to sew…

Baby Burp Towels are sew much fun to sew – each one stitched with love, wondering what my sweet granddaughter is going to look like! Can’t wait to hold her!

Sew Who Wants to Take a Class?

Cutting out fabric in preparation for my North Star class

Yesterday I prepared the “step-outs” for a class I taught last night, North Stars, a pattern by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Design. I just love this quilt – it’s a scrappy variation of different size stars all made with the Corner Beam tool. Again, I took advantage of my large kitchen island for my prep work. I’m really excited too that I have recently purchased a portable projector so while I was constructing the steps I also took photos for a future powerpoint presentation as part of my workshops and lectures. Oh, and did I mention that there is a second class tomorrow (Saturday 8/4) with different students. My Thursday night class was so funny – they didn’t want to take a group photo because they didn’t want their faces on Facebook!  Thankfully Nancy and Tanya didn’t mind my taking their photos while sewing. Thanks, ladies, all of you! I had sew much fun!

One advantage of taking a class, besides the experience of a certified instructor guiding you, is the visual of seeing construction step by step as well as the finished quilt. Besides, its just fun to sew with friends!


All smiles, Nancy is a new quilter coming from the embroidery side of the industry where she is an instructor. Sew blessed to have her in class.


Tanya is also a somewhat self-proclaimed newbie quilter –  this is her second Studio 180 Design class! Last time she learned flying geese using the Wing Clipper and making Love Links, here she is learning the Corner Beam unit construction. Sew blessed to have returning students!


This is what happens when you have a late night class! We all get a little silly! But didn’t they do great! I love seeing so many different color interpretations of the same pattern!

Sew Crazy

My favorite wireless speakers – I use this for handsfree talking on my phone as well as music. Sigh.

Speaking of crazy – there’s been a few Calamity Jane moments the past few weeks, nothing serious but little distractions that take time away from sewing and other important stuff. First, our RV refrigerator went out. Yep. We lost what little food would fit in that thing – mainly our frozen dinners and my ice cream pop cycles. Such a waste of good ice cream. Then my wireless Bose headphones started being cantankerous and having difficulty turning off or on before finally the little button just popped off. It’s a wonder I found it, so tiny…I put it in a baggie and contacted customer service. As soon as I find it again they sent me a shipping label to return it for a replacement…sigh…where can that baggie be!

I think the messiest calamity is the washing machine story…

Seems there is a floor vent in the RV that is used for the heater. Of course here in the midst of record-breaking summer heat, the floor vent should be an afterthought right? Well, except we manage to kick it every time we walk over it (which is constant – remember my floor space from the bed to the bathroom measures  11 feet with an added foot and a half if you turn left to the door). Well, that abuse has caused the screw to be stripped out and it has become a tripping hazard. So – I had a bright idea! Remembering a small floor runner rug in storage I thought I had the perfect solution – but it needed freshening up so into the washing machine it went….not a good idea….call me lazy but I haven’t taken the time to clean it up…laundry is Saturday’s chore, after my class, so I will deal with it then. Yep – there’s all sorts of crazy going on over here.

Apparently, the rug couldn’t handle a good washing that or the back had dry rotted in storage…either way, it made a mess in the washing machine! Yikes!

Sew Many Distractions

I seriously have to just laugh at all the crazy stuff going on – from the fast approaching one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and we are still not in the house, to all the little things that complicate displaced living like tripping over things to travel that eleven feet from the bed to the bathroom (and I’m not just talking about the vent – I have lots of stuff crammed in this tiny abode). Trust me, there are days I get down, but all I have to do is look around me and see others suffering so much more than me. For example, our neighbor is having to dismantle his entire house board by board because it is beyond repair. They have children and live in their RV next to the property too. Yep, I am so blessed.

Pattern writing Geese Over Galveston Bay by Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

Among all these distractions I am working on my next pattern release….did ya’ happen to notice the cover photo sneak peak? Well, it’s really not a secret as the quilt was recently introduced with Island Batik with their spring fabric British Rose. Geese Over Galveston Bay will be at the printers by the end of the month so watch for its release and story. It uses the Wing Clipper tool by Deb Tucker and will be one of the workshops I will be offering this next season.

Oh, and did I mention this is the quilt I will be teaching on Stitchin Heaven’s Texas Our Texas Quilting Cruise May 2019 leaving out of Galveston? There’s a promo code floating around Facebook for $50 off Code: TXOURTX – but hurry, the boat is filling fast and I’d love to have you in my class.  (I’m a poet and didn’t know it). We have sew much fun under the sun and we do manage to get some quilting done (sorry, couldn’t help it!). I do hope you’ll join me and the two other teachers!

Geese Over Galveston Bay Designed, Pieced and Quilted by The Quilt Rambler, Karen Overton

Sew What’s Coming Up Next?

August Blog Hop
Row Along Coming Soon!

Glad you asked…sew many good things coming down the pike!  Begining this week the Island Batik Ambassadors will have their annual blog hop sharing the newest fabric collections from Island Batik. There will be giveaways too!  Since I’ve rambled way too long (two weeks worth!) I’m going to refer you to my good friend, fellow ambassador and fellow Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, Jackie O’Brien’s blog post as she does a fantastic job of explaining this event. If you aren’t already following her, shame on you (grin) If These Threads Could Talk 

Also, something to look forward to is the annual Row Along, an online blog hop with free row patterns, prizes and such. And yes, yours truly has designed a row! Again, for sake of going over too many words here’s the link to our fearless leader Marian as she shares what you can look forward to in another month or so! My Happy Place Row Along

I’m leaving ….. on a jet plane…

Packing my bags!

I had a birthday sometime since I’ve rambled last…and my gift was new suitcases! PURPLE!! I’m getting back to my roots! Had a few years distracted with hot pink, but I’m coming home to purple! The purchase is timely as I am flying out Monday to UTAH!!!

Three weeks ago today I received an email invitation “out of the blue” to  fly to Utah to film a segment on the upcoming Season 8 Quilt It! which is’s Longarm Quilting Show.  Seems a presenter had to cancel at the last minute and the producers noticed I had an opening in my schedule (good thing I keep the calendar current)…I certainly don’t mind being second fiddle as I’m still in the orchestra! I will fly out Monday, film two episodes on Tuesday and fly back home Wednesday! I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be a part of this! I will be teaching my take on quilting feathers – and now you know where the last blog post came from – grin – practice for my teaching!! That and getting my hands back on a longarm as mine has been in storage since the first of the year! Last week I also went across Houston to practice on the longarm brand that I will be using in the filming….it does help to know where the buttons are ya’know!

So for those of you that read all the way to the end, good for you! Sorry, no prize, but at least you won’t be clueless if you see all the photos of me “on set” popping up across social media next week- oh! I almost forgot! They are going to do my hair and makeup! I think that’s almost the best part (grin).

I’m invited to be a guest on Quilt It! Season 8 Episode 3 & 4 The Quilt Rambler “Let’s Talk Feathers”
North Star, pattern by Studio 180 Design. Quilt by Karen Overton.

Meanwhile, Saturday 8/4 is another North Star class and next Saturday 8/11 is Tucker Time with Karen – check my schedule for location and links to sign up for these or other events. Don’t forget to share with your guild program director that The Quilt Rambler is booking for 2019. After all, I’ve got those new suitcases and I’m itching to travel! Let’s Talk Quilts!


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, I really tried to keep it under 2000 words! Gasp! Thanks for sharing in my quilt journey!

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2 thoughts on “Sew Much To Do Sew Little Time

  1. Gloria says:

    I’m so happy that you are a rambling multitasker. If you weren’t we would never get the latest and greatest news of the Quilt Rambler. Wow, lots of great stuff happening. I’m so happy for you. As each additional day passed while you live in your RV you are given so many reminders of how wonderful He is and how Blessed you are. Blessing to you my friend. g

  2. Roseanne says:

    Howdy Karen! Good grief, I am exhausted just reading of your escapades let alone actually participating. My niece in OK just completed Studio 180 Design training (her name is Paula). I look forward to seeing all of your next updates – you’ll have so much to share. I’ll be thinking of you during the TV taping and I love your new purple suitcases! Safe travels and many blessings. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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