Rough Roads and Rainbows

Rainbow over Galveston Bay, Bacliff TX Photo by The Quilt Rambler

Life is full of ups and downs, disappointments and times of joy – what I like to call “rough roads and rainbows.” Some days you feel on top of the world, other days you just want to go back to bed and start over.

Yesterday was like a rollercoaster – not bad, or scary, but full of lots of twists and turns. But then again – who wants a dull life, right?!?

Into Every Life, a Little Rain Must Fall

This is NOT what my brother-in-law wanted to see on a Monday morning Post-Harvey

Today marks 102 days post-Harvey for ourselves and our extended family. Yesterday we had our first rain or at least first big storm since Harvey.  Two inches before mid-morning may not sound like much (with more during the day) but when you see things like this posted on Facebook it was a grim reminder of what we’d all been through back in August. Having lost everything and trying to move back in it wasn’t fun when this leak was discovered by my sister in law – fortunately, they hadn’t laid the floors yet!

Let There Be Rainbows!

Rainbow over Galveston Bay
Rainbows are God’s promise that He hasn’t forgotten us!

On a personal note, we finally received a settlement check yesterday from our insurance company for our content loss (amazing how much they depreciate things then take out the deductible), and another check to begin reconstruction. The rumors are true, 28% of the homes flooded did not have flood insurance. We did, however! At the present time, the settlement won’t cover 60% of our rebuild, so the battle continues. But this is a battle for another day. Today I’m reminded that the battle is the Lord’s and I need to trust – He will provide…remembering, this is a journey, not a destination! Rough roads sometimes come before rainbows.

Rainbow over Galveston Bay, Bacliff TX Photo by The Quilt Rambler
Nothing breaks up a storm better than a rainbow, more so if it’s over Galveston Bay!

Let’s Talk Quilts!

So in between all the post-Harvey distraction and the rain, I managed to piece a beautiful Harley-Davidson t-shirt quilt for a customer. By evening I had it on the longarm.

Harley Davidson t-shirts make a great t-shirt quilt pieced and quilted by The Quilt Rambler
A beautiful collection of Harley Davidson shirts will make a wonderful surprise Christmas gift!

Almost got it quilted when all of a sudden my needle bar jammed in the hook assembly! Fortunately, I could remove the bobbin but the hand-wheel crank wasn’t  budging this baby…I called it a night and am determined that I will deal with it after breakfast this morning….hopefully! There’s always Plan B (grin)

Unknown reason for a needle to be jammed in a quilt on the longarm
At the bottom of the quilt, all went wrong! Unknown reason for this needle jam

Rain Rain Go Away – Bring More Rainbows!

The forecast is 70% rain today….that’s okay – it’s always sunny in The Quilt Rambler studio – I couldn’t be happier surrounded by beautiful fabrics and lots of quilts!

And who doesn’t love it when the delivery guy rings your doorbell! Look what came yesterday!!!  Talk about a rainbow of color! And yes, these are available for purchase – use the contact form for inquiries! Our online shopping is scheduled to begin the first of the year – something to look forward too!

A rainbow of color from Island Batik Fabrics, Paisley Dots and Blue Moon precuts
It’s always a sunny day when a shipment of Island Batik fabrics arrives in The Quilt Rambler Studio

 This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – may you remember to choose joy while keeping your eye out for those rainbows!

Raindrops on Hibiscus
I will say, the raindrops do make for pretty pictures of my Hibiscus.







4 thoughts on “Rough Roads and Rainbows

  1. Pat says:

    Thank you for sharing that rainbow, I was so busy sewing that I missed it! Looking forward to the Guild meeting on Thursday. <3

  2. Deb says:

    Love your outlook on life! I have found a positive frame of mind tends to make things a little less bumpy. So glad you have insurance…. and share your frustration with it not covering all it should. That box of lovely fabric is just the thing to make you smile.

    • thequiltrambler says:

      Thank you Deb – trying to stay positive seems like a full time job but then I get distracted with my true full time job of playing in fabric and then being positive is simply natural ????

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