Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ Has Launched!

Land Locked Quilt Cruise Students

 Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™

Quilters are Sew Much Fun

Betcha been wondering where in the world The Quilt Rambler has been, it has been too quiet! While the blog may have been on pause a little longer than I’d care to admit, the activities in and around The Quilt Rambler studio have been on full throttle.

On Valentine’s Day, I launched the first Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ with a kick off one-day event hosting a few of my local quilting gals who agreed to be my best critics and provide honest feedback concerning the facilities and verify the goals behind my concept of offering workshops in my home studio.

Without further chatter let me walk you thru my thoughts about Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ and share photos from our one day “pre-opening” adventure.

What is a Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™

Cruising Designed For Land Lovers

Mahola Quilter Style
It’s always Island Time when you hang around The Quilt Rambler

My first goal is to offer an atmosphere that brings the same relaxation and pleasure which I personally find enjoyable when I’m cruising the islands. Recognizing that a lot of people don’t have the time for a seven-day quilting cruise, which generally offers three days of quilt instruction with the other days sightseeing, I thought, “why not just quilt!” Of course, I was also thinking of those who are simply land-lovers, thus I came up with the idea of Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ where a quilter has the uninterrupted three days of quilt instruction with the comfort of “staying in your own bed” (or a nice local hotel) without the “motion of the ocean” or the distraction of having to walk away from a project just to go swim with a dolphin or something similar.

Cruising in Luxury

Another thing that was an important consideration in recreating a cruise experience was the luxury of not having to lug along a sewing machine! Why not ‘travel light’ (something that I’ve never been known to do!). My Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ offers a full-service accommodation by providing Janome sewing machines with Arrow Cabinet sewing-tables, comfy colorful chairs, ample lighting, cutting and ironing stations, design walls along with an individual sewing box full of all the notions that one would need…rotary cutter, pins, clips, seam ripper, marking pencils, scissors, thread, bobbins, etc. Oh, and did I mention the use of ALL of the Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design tools! Yep, your cruise fee includes the use of these fabulous rulers as I introduce you to techniques and designs you can construct using these quality tools. Of course, I will have a fully stocked resource area, so even if you are traveling light as you arrive you are welcomed to do a little retail therapy while enjoying your cruise. Better than the trinkets and souvenirs generally accumulated on those other adventures, don’t you think?


Sewing Classroom
Classroom for The Quilt Rambler’s Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™


It's Island Time with The Quilt Rambler's Land Locked Quilting Cruise
Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ Classroom


Each quilter has their own work station complete with a sewing box full of needed notions

That’s right! I’ve tried to think of everything! Depending upon the cruise date and agenda, all a Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™  cruiser needs to bring is fabric and a smile! (There will be some cruises that will offer precut fabric kits for an additional fee. All cruisers will be given an advance fabric supply list with precutting instructions, so you are welcomed to visit the local quilt shops or work from your stash.)

What Happens On A Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™

Studio 180 Design Tools are taught at The Quilt Rambler's Land Locked Quilt Cruise
Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ pricing includes the use of ALL Studio 180 Design tools used in the classroom as well as a fully equipped sewing center

There will be three full days of instruction ~ with the goal to introduce as many of the Tucker Tools as the pattern or technique sheet for the day covers, generally no more than three different tools on a given day so there is ample time to become familiar with the tool and successfully piece units and blocks using the tool. The website will offer more details concerning the projects.

How Many Can Cruise Together

The classroom accommodates six students which translates to an intimate setting learning under the tutorage of a very attentive Certified Instructor (me) whose passion is to share the love of quilting, especially while using the Studio 180 Design techniques which makes every quilter develop confidence in their piecing skills.  Book a Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ with your favorite quilting buddies to fill the room or come solo ~ guaranteed to leave with new friends! It’s just sew much fun to be in a group setting!!

Quilters at The Land Locked Quilting Cruise
Let’s get this party started! Passing out agendas, handouts, etc while students become familiar with their work stations


Karen Overton is a Certified Instructor with Studio 180 Design and eager to be the travel guide on her  Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™  

With All That Sewing Is There Even Time To Eat

While there may not always be Valentine chocolate covered strawberries on each Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ ~ there will be chocolate!

Did I mention the food!?! Isn’t that something that ocean-going cruisers always brag about. The Quilt Rambler’s  Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ includes morning coffee, tea, and pastries as well as a catered luncheon. Workshops will start each day at 9 AM and will end around 4 PM, just in time for cruisers to sample local restaurants or journey back home for dinner.

With all that sewing going on at the Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ cruisers have to make sure to take a break for nourishment. And equally important, time to chat and get to know one another


Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ Are Fun ~ Don’t Just Take My Word on It!

Here are some photos from our one day “Maiden Voyage” ~ I’m sure you will agree that we had an enjoyable and successful journey.

Land Locked Quilting Cruise


Land Locked Quilt Cruise Students
Class project, Hearts Abound, is a free pattern from fellow Certified Instructor Jackie OBrien. Everyone loved the one day project.


Are You Ready to Join The Quilt Rambler on A Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™

There are 5 Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ scheduled for 2019.  Each will offer a specific pattern or project for Day 1 with Days 2 and 3 teaching specific tools to construct units and blocks for a unique one of a kind sampler. Details are still in the works. You can download a Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ PRICING Sheehere. And register here. 


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

Can’t wait to invite you into my Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ classroom!



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  1. Gloria says:

    I had a fabulous time at the Land Locked Quilting Cruise. It was so nice having all your tools already there waiting to be used. The food was delicious too. This was my first ever cruise, I loved it. Who needs a ship?! Thank you Karen for thinking of everything.

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