Paradise Island pattern by The Quilt Rambler plans for Blue Moon fabric line
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What’s Up March!?!

March is entering the books with all sorts of crazy fun "March madness" going on in and around The Quilt Rambler studio. I have high hopes for lots of accomplishments (aka deadlines) for the next few weeks. It's been dreary weather lately so naturally it's a good time to sew. But then again, anytime is… Continue reading What’s Up March!?!

Time, a quilt designed and pieced by Karen Overton
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Time.  Generally speaking, we all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, to fill at our discretion. Time is precious. Time is something we tend to take for granted. Sometimes we don't think about time until it's time to do something, such as an appointment, or when time is running short, as… Continue reading Time

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Let’s Get Cozy

With a Cozy Log Cabin Quilt that is! 'Tis the season! It's been a busy busy busy month: Quilt Market, Festival, customer quilts, secret sewing, and the November Island Batik Ambassador challenge Cozy Cabins! Settle in with that second cup of warm beverage and get all cozy as this rambler shares the thought process and step… Continue reading Let’s Get Cozy

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You Are Now Entering A Stress-Free Zone

Or so the sign says! It will be a stress-free zone once it's in full operational mode. Yep, today we began moving shelving and totes from the storage unit to the studio. As our youngest son commented  "Its good to see the rooms cluttered with things instead of debris" - that was certainly a welcomed way… Continue reading You Are Now Entering A Stress-Free Zone

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Summer Lovin – Blow flowers

When was the last time you made a wish on a blow flower? Okay, officially it's called a dandelion but my grandmother who lived in the country called it a blow flower, so blow flower it is. Make a wish, blow, and watch in childlike wonder the aerodynamics of nature's way to spread seeds. Ah,… Continue reading Summer Lovin – Blow flowers

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Time To Sew: Secret Sewing and Classes

  To everything, there is a season! And it's now the season for "secret sewing" and quilting classes! Time to Sew: Secret Sewing Tis the season! Secret Sewing happens several times a year for this rambler when it's time to start piecing new unpublished patterns and designs. As I've mentioned I am blessed to be… Continue reading Time To Sew: Secret Sewing and Classes

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Oh baby!

December 24. Christmas Eve. The anticipation of the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. Today I'm celebrating the birth of another little one. A friend from church. And of course, a baby means a quilt right?! Sometimes the best-laid plans get a little sidetracked- such was the case with this baby quilt. I procrastinated… Continue reading Oh baby!

Shortcut Binding Tool Review
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Shortcut Binding Tool – Product Review

Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Today's blog is brought to you in black and white because it is also a blog containing secret sewing!   Secret Sewing I have been working secretly for the past few weeks, in between customer quilts, to meet a fast-approaching deadline (12/15) with Island Batik for… Continue reading Shortcut Binding Tool – Product Review

Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, is about to embark on a secret sewing mission
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Summer Secret Sewing

Say that three times! What a great start to summer! So what is "secret sewing," you ask? Quite frankly a new experience for me - after all, I am The Quilt Rambler, not the keeper of quilt secrets! Do you realize just how hard this has been for me trying to keep things under wraps… Continue reading Summer Secret Sewing

Close up of hand guided quilting design element by Karen Overton
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Secret Quilting – A Secret No More

If you have been following The Quilt Rambler on social media the past few weeks you have seen little snippets or sneak peaks of a "secret quilting" project I have been working on ....and now...the big reveal! Why was it a secret you ask? Well, on occasion, as a longarm quilter I am asked to keep… Continue reading Secret Quilting – A Secret No More