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What’s better than a new box of crayons? If you are a quilter then your answer would be a fat quarter collection or something fabric related!

Last Wednesday I needed to pull away from the bookkeeping to hear the hum of the sewing machine and to fondle fabrics…. A little quilt therapy as it’s sometimes referred to in our quilting world.

Looking for a quick project, I decided I needed something as simple as ABC. I decided to pull out fat quarters from the upcoming release of my first Signature Collection by Island Batik, Vincent’s Garden, as I still have a little fabric left from my designing/quilting days from this time last year.

I’ve had Jaybird Quilts’ Alphabet Soup book since it came out in 2017, thinking of all sorts of ideas in which to use the letters…never settling on a “word” until now.

The sewing was indeed a quick project as I’m very familiar with both her tools, Hex N More & Super Sidekick, as well as lots of hours using Deb Tucker’s Star 60 tool – both of which have the end result of 60 degree triangles or hexagons, just different methods of getting there.

In no time I had my letters made…. now I just need to decide if I want a horizontal banner or vertical. I’m leaning towards vertical thinking it will make a nice banner on the narrow wall between the window and my longarm. I want to be reminded of HOPE, my chosen word of the year – and what better way than in a quilt!

Speaking of 60-degree quilts – have you considered my summer series of quilts, De Colores, Wheels on the Bus, Whirly Wheels, or Synchronized Swimming? Each of these uses the Studio 180 Design’s Star 60 tool. Just this week I received a shipment of William’s Garden fabrics from Island Batik – 2½” precuts plus background and border fabrics are used in my Whirly Wheels design. Limited number of kits available as well as individual 2½” and 10” precuts…just sayin’

We’ve had a beautiful sunshiny week – naturally – as I’ve been glued to the computer, ain’t that the way it goes! Well, enough is enough – time for another “mental health day” to clear the cobwebs! Saturday afternoon we headed south to Galveston Island for a little pick me up and inspiration.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a low tide, or winter tide, as my husband calls it. The effects were an interesting coastline! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the shoreline that far down the jetties before.

While my husband looked for shark teeth, I looked for interesting photo opportunities. Creation never disappoints, if you take time to smell the roses!

This old pier piling rises majestically in the sand.

I have absolutely no idea what is under these little mounds. I’m hoping someone with more beachy knowledge can enlighten me. They were all over the place – erupting like tiny volcanos after the waves subsided and whatever creature inhabited the hill pushed all the water back out through the top opening. They were delightful to observe.

Mission accomplished – I was refreshed and ready to come back home to tackle the next project.

Which is…. a combination of closing out the books on 2020 and writing my patterns for Vincent’s Garden Signature Collection to be released simultaneously as the fabric begins arriving in shops soon. FYI, I also have a limited amount of early released precuts available in my online store. OH! And as another sidenote, I’m in the process of opening an eBay store to be able to ship internationally! So many projects, sew little time!

A little behind the scenes moment here concerning pattern writing….I actually remake the units used in my quilts to photograph each step as a reference for the illustrations that my fabulous graphic artist uses to polish up my patterns. 

If you aren’t familiar with “my style” then here’s a sneak peek into one of my patterns. They are full color booklets with detailed instructions on cutting, sewing, trimming with the Studio 180 Design tools, with helpful hints in a cute little parrot box along the way to full assembly. 

I am very grateful to my editing team of pattern testers who catch my grammar errors and/or typos (too bad they don’t work with me on the blog, but then I would have to give up my title as Queen of Typos!). I love seeing their fabric choices as they make the quilt to “proof the pattern.”  Here’s Lisa with her interpretation of Not Your Grandmother’s Sampler.

Well dear ones, it’s the beginning of a new week! I’ve got design ideas floating around in my head (and a few on graph paper already) as I begin a new season of quilting for my third Signature Collection due out in the Fall of 2021. This time last year I was full of secret sewing for Vincent’s Garden….it’s so interesting how the industry works, who knew it’s a full year (or more) between design concept, making and quilting the quilt, then bringing it to the quilting world in a pattern. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my “job!”

Time to go color my world! Knowing this may be a foul weather week I will be holding on to hope and my memories of time at the beach. Until next time

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

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