National Sticker Day

There’s a national sticker day? Who knew? Apparently, the makers of my planner as they included this momentous holiday on my calendar. Well, I like stickers, don’t you? But how does that weave into a quilting blog?

Hum…what about putting labels on quilts? Throughout the years I have “stuck” labels on the back of my quilts – some with just the title and date, others with a full-fledged story about the quilt. I have to admit, I don’t have labels on all my quilts, but I do manage to hide my signature and date in the quilting…

Okay, that’s a far stretch, even for me – but it did give me a title for this week’s blog post (grin). In keeping with my new goals of writing more often with short blogs…that counts, right?

I have to admit, I look through my photos as a way of reviewing my life. What did I do this past week? Apparently not much that was noteworthy. January is just that sort of month.

My Christmas tree was taken down over the weekend, with all the precious memories packed away for yet another season. Parts of Christmas still linger in the studio as I did not get my holiday version of Synchronized Swimming quilted to use as my tree skirt… perhaps sometime before NEXT Christmas, I can accomplish that.

(PS – does anyone else get emotional over Christmas ornaments? I was a basket case of emotions, or maybe it was the dark dreary winter day. Needless to say January can be a difficult month.)

I did manage to wash and refold several of my “everyday quilts” before organizing them back on my shelf. 

When posting on social media, comments were made questioning if I used my quilts or just enjoyed stacking them up. The answer is both. 

As explained, my “cover quilts” for The Quilt Rambler patterns are either displayed around the house on the wall, hanging on a quilt stand or living in suitcases waiting for the next trunk show. However, most of my quilts get rotated throughout the house to be used as lap quilts when watching TV, extra bed quilts for those cold winter nights, sometimes used as a tablecloth. I keep several in the vehicles for those impromptu picnics or when temperatures differ between driver and passenger (grin) – but my favorite use is making quilt tents!

In between all the bookkeeping of closing out 2020 I stole away a few hours one evening to make curtains for the living room/longarm room. I purchased this beautiful fabric in 2017/2018 during our Harvey reconstruction but never got around to it – somewhere in my memories I remember a wooden coin that my dad made with the letters TOIT – he said it was my round TOIT so no more excuses!

As there are two windows to this room I have “one down and one to go”. Nothing fancy, but they are colorful and serve their purpose. At least I was able to hear the hum of the sewing machine as I dug out from the paperwork for a bit!

Lots of behind the scenes projects continuing in The Quilt Rambler studio…best get busy! 

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

I have to say, I do enjoy my planner and all the colorful stickers. Happy National Sticker Day! Maybe I should go shopping to add to my collection? Hum….

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