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The Quilt Rambler On The Road – South Florida


I love road trips, even those that are technically ✈️plane rides… thought I’d share this weekend’s adventures. Actually, I’m still on the final chapter as my “road trip” is experiencing multiple “trip delays”…..I’m writing this on my mobile device so pardon the poor formatting, etc ~ but what else am I to do when I should have been home over six  hours ago and there’s more hours before my hopeful multiple rescheduled flight. But hey, Let’s talk quilts, shall we?

Hello Port St. Lucie

I was invited by Pam’s Fabric Nook to present a trunk show/lecture to introduce Pam’s customers to Deb Tucker’s tools and techniques. So appreciative of my audience as I did talk their ear off, but in my defense I did bring my airline limit of 50 pounds worth of quilts.

That was Thursday night. I shared about my favorite tools and gave a hint of where we’d be going the next two days in the workshops ~ focusing on the Tucker Trimmer I and the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tools by Studio 180 Design. I was doubly blessed that two of my “class of 2017” certified instructors Rosella and Donna drove several hours to come see/hear me…shame on me for not getting a photo of us together 🤭

Paradise Island Workshop

This is my newest pattern and I was so excited to be teaching it…by the way, my patterns are available as PDF downloads on the pattern page – just click the navigation tab above 💁‍♀️

The gals learned how to make half square triangles, combination units and shaded nine patch units all with Deb’s techniques and the Tucker Trimmer I. Lots of laughter, ahha moments, serious “holding your mouth just right” expressions as everyone was learning these new techniques. I think it fair to say “a good time was had by all”

Illuminated Journey Workshop

Before I knew it, it was time for Saturday’s Workshop. Illuminated Journey is my very first published pattern, first “published” as a document created in Publisher for Cactus Quilts Quilting Cruise in 2015. In 2017 the cover quilt was remade using a more current Island Batik collection called Paisley Dots and the layout and graphics were updated to its current format. So needless to say, this is my favorite pattern to teach 😊

If you have been keeping up on social media you will know that this quilt resulted in my invitation to come to south Florida.

I was soooo excited to share with the gals! We began the morning learning our way around the tool to make standard Lemoyne Stars used in the border. After lunch the remainder of our time was spent making the blazing star. I love the colors chosen and I especially love the creative design changes.


All Too Soon…

…the party was over. Time to repack that 50 pounds worth of quilts, grab a few winks and prepare to return to Texas.

Pam’s Fabric Nook is a really nice quilt shop, with sewing machines for sale and full service long arm quilting along with the nicest staff ~ I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

I’ll Fly Away…or NOT!

My return flight was crazy early this morning ~ and with the quilt shop almost an hour from the airport…well, let’s just say my head wasn’t on the pillow too long last night! Hope volunteered to be my designated driver 🙃We laughed and talked a lot about quilting (big surprise) as we drove during the wee hours to West Palm Beach Airport.

I kid you not, as soon as I walked into the airport as Hope was driving away I get a text that my flight is canceled. I immediately called her not to get too far before I found out the details. It sure would have been a shame to get up that early only to have to wait until afternoon or something.

Turns out it was my connecting flight that was the issue so Hope was off the hook. The agent was so kind to try to find another flight for me ~ said Houston was having a difficult morning with several canceled flights. She was doing her best for me and I thanked her and told her so ~ her response was thanks for not yelling at her. As if that would have helped anything. I did notice that she looked the other way when my 50 pound bag tipped the scales at 51….

Homeward Bound

Well, sorta. The flight from FL to Atlanta was a full flight and seemed to take forever for everyone to board…as soon as we were settled in we were informed that there was a mechanical issue and we would be de~boarding (is that even a real word?!?) until repairs could be confirmed. Then immediately the status was updated to say there was another plane a few gates down that they were preparing for us. Ended up being a 35 minute delay which I thought was really good considering how hard it is to herd folks 🙃

That’s when I was very thankful that my original flight had been canceled as I probably would have missed it. God works in mysterious ways! It never ceases to amaze me the grumbling however. Some how folks miss out on things being for our safety and only think of their personal agenda. Me, I’d rather know I had a safe flight!

Atlanta, Here I sit!

Well, you know me, there’s always a story. Seems Houston really has a problem as in a severe storm with high dangerous winds. My husband (who loves to watch the local weather) had warned me of this approaching storm last night. He knows I really don’t like flying especially when it’s rough …

Fast forward to arriving in Atlanta to receive this notice..

I’m Coming Home

Don’t  know when..but I will get there eventually. I happened to be the third person in line to rebook so I’m sure it could be worse. Again, I think it pays to be kind. Not that this is my reason, I hope to just be a kind person, but the agent gave me a lunch voucher that I know the others in front of me did not get…these agents are certainly having a long day, I dare say more than those of us stranded. I mean, I got to watch Pastor Ron live on Facebook and I’m sitting in a restaurant chatting with you. Yes, I’d rather be home, but I’m not dealing with a full day of rerouting Houston flights!


Time to rest my little fingers. It’s almost 4:30 PM EST and I hope to board my plane at 6:30 EST. If it’s further delayed due to weather I will gladly stay put on the ground! Too bad I don’t do handwork, well, didn’t bring any actually. I think I’ll just go find someone to talk to 😉

Stay Tuned! The Quilt Rambler on the Road stories are always something worth talking about ☺️


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  1. Karen, you will learn to pack a busy bag like Bonnie Hunter does for all her flights. Make it something that you can keep packed in your carry-on all the time so you will have something to do when you fly. I know that people-watching in an airport can be quite interesting as I spent 2 days in Heathrow airport trying to get a flight home, but having something to do is a good diversion as well. Hope your flight to Houston was not cancelled again and wasn’t too bumpy for you!!

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