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Quilt on the beach????summer breeze, makes me feel fine????always have a quilt on my mind ????????‍♀️

Okay, so maybe everything isn’t a song, but why not! I could be singing ????because I’m happy, happy, happy ????

Yes, I’m happy because it’s July  and here’s my reasons why: (1) summer is my fav time of the year (2) it’s my birthday month, in true Karen-fashion I celebrate ALL month, and (3) the real reason for this post ~ I have a quilt coming out in a magazine! Yep, another secret sewing reveal! Ready for a ramble?

It all began long long ago…

making checkered four patches for Checking The Boxes quilt
Time to make checkered four patches

Around December 2018 actually… I had just mailed the Spring Market 2019 quilts to Island Batik (more secret sewing) when I received a “call for submissions” for a future publication with The Quilting Company, producers of some of our favorite quilting magazines … I drafted a quilt, filled out the form…and… they said YES

Fast forward to February 2019 when the fabrics arrived from Island Batik and the secret sewing began…and for those of you who just can’t take the suspense … fast forward to this past week when I received advance copies of…..drumroll pleaseFons & Porter’s July/August edition of Pre-Cut Patchwork….expected in stores July 9th

May I draw your attention to pages 44-49 ????

Checking The Boxes
Checking the Boxes, quilt by Karen E Overton, The Quilt Rambler

Everyone Needs A Picnic/Beach/Camping/Play Outside Quilt

And that’s just what I designed. With the upcoming Spring Market fabrics fresh on my mind I thought the blending of two new lines, Enchanted Forest and Quiet Shades, would make a fast to piece quilt (after all that’s the beauty of precuts!) that would be right at home on a bed, a couch, or surely would draw some attention when seen in the wild as a picnic quilt!

Baby wrapped in Checking The Boxes playing outdoors
Everyone needs a quilt, teach them young!

I’ve noticed across social media that many of you are teaching young quilters this summer ~ wouldn’t it be fun to help them make a “big” quilt – I can imagine the joy for them (or you) taking this on your next outing – what a conversation starter “why yes, thank you, I made it myself” as you spread your beautiful quilt out to share. Sharing is what it’s all about ~ maybe we should call this “the happy picnic quilt” or “let’s meet a new friend quilt” … Actually, I called it Enchanted Shade in honor of the Island Batik fabrics but the editors are calling it Checking The Boxes which is rather clever, if I do say so myself, since the black and white solid batiks (also from Island Batik) do have a checkerboard effect

I loved combining the two fabric lines together to give just the right contrast in this quilt.

Enchanted Forest by Island Batik


Quiet Shade by Island Batik

Knowing these fabric collections were going to be released as pre-cuts of 10” squares they would be ideal for my project. I couldn’t wait to piece them together! Plus, the added benefit to you, my dear readers and fellow quilters ~ these fabrics are shipping in September! That’s right! You can visit your local quilt shop and request they place their order now with Island Batik for fall shipment of these beauties as I know you are inspired for future quilts just looking at the line up.

As you plan your quilting adventures this summer you can run right down to that local Barnes & Nobel  or Walmart to pick up the magazine with my pattern on your way to your local quilt shop to pick up a couple of 10” square precut packages! And I’d fancy to bet that some of you will be enjoying this quilt before the end of summer! It’s that quick of a quilt to piece ~ You’re welcome????

Checking The Boxes featured in a magazine
Nothing better than a good summer read on a fun summer quilt!

Quilts in The Wild

Knowing that this year held a lot of business travel and very little personal travel I am pleased that my quilt will be seeing a lot of action this summer as we have our staycation visiting the beach at Galveston, taking picnics wherever we can, playing with our granddaughter or even just enjoying the shade of my little tent in our backyard. Don’t you agree that everyday life is just better with a quilt!

Checking The Boxes Quilt on the Beach
Checking The Boxes visits Galveston Island


1900 storm statue Galveston Island with Checking The Boxes quilt
Every baby needs a quilt – Checking The Boxes, 1900 Great Storm Memorial Galveston Island


Quilts make great table covering especially Checking The Boxes quilt
Quilts make great table coverings, inside or out


Checking The Boxes is perfect for day camping
A little day camping relaxation is made better with a quilt!


Cats and quilts, Checking The Boxes by Karen Overton
Even Oscar agrees a quilt makes for good napping

I can’t wait to see what you will create; the fabric choices are endless ~ won’t you share your quilts with me across social media using the hashtag #checkingtheboxesquilt and #thequiltramblerpattern as well as tag @thequiltrambler or post your photo directly on my Facebook page.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, saving the best photo for last (grin)

Yep…quilts shared just make me smile.  Happy July y’all.

Our sweet Reagan is 8 months old, we predict there will be a lot of quilt time with Oma and Big Daddy this summer!

10 thoughts on “Bursting With News – Checking The Boxes

  1. quilterpt says:

    Congrats on getting your beautiful quilt in a magazine! Such a thrill for you. And the photos are terrific, especially the statue with the family all wrapped up so cozy! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Thanks – the memorial is on the seawall in Galveston. It represents the 1900 storm that is still the most devastating hurricane in terms of loss of life. Google the sad story. That said, I did enjoy being creative with the photo locations

  2. heartsease57 says:

    Happy Birthday! Really like the new quilt and Reagan is getting so big and so cute-enjoy every moment with her.

  3. Gene Black says:

    I love working with batiks. The Island Batiks always seem to go together even when I mix lines. Checking the Boxes (Enchanted Shade) is a lovely quilt.

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Thank you Gene, I agree ☝???? it’s wonderful how the lines combine. I’m enjoying the opportunity to use this quilt this summer. It’s the perfect size for just about anything.

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