It’s Not Friday Yet

Most folks are already planning for their Friday and upcoming weekend while many are actually planning ahead a week for their shopping route on Black Friday!

The Quilt Rambler studio is not a quilt shop – I operate out of my home and have to explain this a lot to callers who have found me on Yelp or Google – these companies don’t have a category that fits “traveling quilt teacher” or “pattern designer” or “quilt classes”. Sigh. I can remember once a man showing up at my doorstep saying he’d tried to call (I don’t answer numbers I don’t know) and thought he’d just come over as he wanted a pair of dress pants hemmed. Ah, no, I don’t do alterations either, thank you Yelp!

But! I do have merchandise – items I take with me when I travel to do lectures and workshops – my “pop up shop“. That said, I’ve decided to “open shop” for my local peeps on Small Business Saturday – a day devoted to shopping local.

All merchandise will be on sale, some up to 25% off, patterns, notions, tools, even my collection of Island Batik precut strips and squares. The sale is limited to first come first serve. Which translates to no early sales, no mail-order, and no rainchecks.

So why am I blogging about this as 95% of you don’t live nearby? To give you a heads up that I am also planning a Cyper Monday sale….so stay tuned for the announcement for that one day event with a little surprise added to those who open and read the blog that day!

In the meantime, here’s a copy of the interior of the brochure I passed out at Fall Market showing all my current patterns (Simply Celebrate is due out the first of the year, Enchanted Stars & Celestial Borealis Twilight are now available) as well as a brief description of the events I offer. The Onboard Quilting Excursion! cruise you probably know about – there’s still spots available, and the in studio Land Locked Quilting Cruise events will have a schedule published soon. I’m in the process of confirming contracts with guilds and shops for the upcoming year, and have a couple of months open. If your guild would like to have me as a speaker and teacher just send them the link to my website please.

Local peeps – looking forward to seeing you next Saturday, 11/30 at 9AM for Small Business Saturday!

Check out my upcoming workshop at TEO’s Treasures!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Friday Yet

  1. farmquilter says:

    Something is showing up weird at the top of your blog…a bunch of computer lingo and then there is the popup that will go away when I click the “X” but every time I scroll down to continue reading your blog, it returns. Not sure what’s going on. Love the idea of your shopping days, for both near and far.

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