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Tissue Cover Tutorial

As promised….last weekend during my Small Business Saturday event I had invited my guests to join me in what I called a “Make It! Take It! Donate It!”event. Simply said, we were making tissue covers (they fit those small travel packages) to donate through my church to a local charity that is collecting items for Senior Citizen’s gift baskets for the holidays.

There’s nothing better than sewing with friends! Especially new friends! After all, that’s the best way to meet fellow quilters, at a sew-in! We had the sewing machines humming in The Quilt Rambler’s Land Locked Quilting Cruise classroom! And we made a lot of tissue covers! The bonus was getting to know new quilting friends as we shared stories and laughter.

Each participate was asked to bring two fat quarters, a focus print and an accent. I had lots of fabric already cut for those who didn’t bring any or who wanted to sew more. Two fat quarters yields six tissue covers! Since the ladies were so gracious to help make these the deal was to take one for themselves and donate the rest….yep “Make It! Take It! Donate It!” was a huge success.

Tissue Cover Tutorial in Photos

It’s easier to share with photos….and I’ve got a bonus for you too! A PDF to download that summarizes the steps to one page that you can save on your computer and/or print so you can make your own tissue covers for yourself, for friends, for gifts ~ or who knows! You might have a local charity that could use them as part of a gift distribution this holiday season too!

Supplies: Two Fat Quarters

As always, I get by with a little help from my friends! We had such a grand time – wish you’d of been here!

Ready to Make Your Own Tissue Covers?

They really are addicting! If you have young sewers in your home this could be a great project to share with them ~ train up a child in the way they should go! A little out of Biblical context, but the truth is we do need to be instructing the younger generation in both the craft of sewing as well as the privilege of gifting/donating!

Permission is granted to print out one copy of my PDF tutorial for your personal use. If you are wanting to do this as a group project please provide the link to all attendees and have them download their own copy from this blog post ~ I would greatly appreciate it!

AND! Post your photos on social media using hashtag #tissuecovertutorial and/or #thequiltramblertutorial I’d greatly appreciate it!

Look for this icon to begin the dowload


Enjoy your holidays!

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  1. Looks like a great tutorial/pattern. Really hard to tell because every time I move the page down to read or see the pictures, I get a pop-up in the middle of the screen about spreading the word that I have to close, every single time. Also I could not find a link to your pdf. Sorry to whine, but that pop-up is insane!!

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