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Moving on Up

Forgive me dear reader, it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog…and please forgive the annoying floating pop up if you are viewing this online as well as the gobbly gook at the top of my page….sigh…never enough time. I promise – that tech support call is on my to do list, first opportunity I can set aside 30 minutes to several hours for their assistance…I’m so sorry for the visual interruption.

I wasn’t going to post this as it really isn’t quilt related…but since I’ve been pretty transparent about all our happenings these past 2 years with Hurricane Harvey, reconstruction, and moving back into our “new house same location” I thought I’d share the video of the other “Big Move.”

Seems like we are still in the perpetual motion of moving things. Sigh.

December 5th Johnny determined that it was probably our best opportunity between winter rains to try to move the RV out from where it has parked since September 2017 when we purchased it to serve as our temporary living quarters during reconstruction. We’ve had a lot of rain these past two years and the yard never seems to dry out. The most recent heavy rain was the end of September when it came close to coming into the house again…and of course the alley where the RV parked was flooded.

You may be wondering why we parked the RV there in the first place, knowing that this was the runoff drainage for our lot…two reasons actually. One the entry door was easily accessible to our porch; reason one and a half – the sewer connection was on that side; reason two the other side of the house had a connex in the yard for storage and the driveway at the time needed to be functional for our construction crew (remember that huge dumpster during demolition, then this past summer when we tore down the garage that continued to flood before moving the connex to its current permanent location). So yeah, there wasn’t a lot of choices on where to park the RV for temporary living…

As you will see from the video it was a tight squeeze to get the RV out and pivoted in the front yard without hitting the gas meter. At the time I thought that was our biggest concern, it wasn’t until later that Johnny explained the real concern was bogging down in the soft yard with the potential of rupturing the gas line which he had no idea where it was located or how close to the surface it could be (gasp!) I’m glad I didn’t know this until later!

As you will see, if you care to watch the event unfolding, we were able to move the RV to “higher ground” and have been working on cleaning it up inside and out to be able to sell it to someone who may be looking for a nice family camper or, who like us, needs a temporary living location. It’s in fabulous shape if I do say so myself. Never been on the road except from the dealership to our location. Inside is like new despite almost a year of being our full-time residence. 

Sigh…the end of a chapter means the beginning of the next…just waiting to turn the page! 

🎶 Moving on up 🎶 as The Jefferson’s used to sing… and no – don’t worry, I don’t sing in the video!

For those reading this as an email here’s the link to the You Tube

Carry on my dear readers, carry on.

Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah as the case may be. We are looking forward to seeing little Reagan (who is 14 months old today) opening her gifts this next week. May you enjoy your time with family!

Karen Overton, aka The Quilt Rambler!

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  1. Would you send me the technical info on the trailer and the price you want for it? I need to know if my daughter’s truck can pull it!! Thank you. You did a great job on the move!!

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