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Has it been that long already? I have had all intentions of sharing so much about Fall Quilt Market and Quilt Festival…Things don’t always go according to plan, do they?

I will say that this was my busiest market ever. Generally, I’m doing a little shopping for my studio needs and mainly hang out with friends ~ I love taking photos with friends – I’ve always said it’s like a reunion attending these two events.

Spent a lot of time with my roommate Rosella and my cruise co-teacher Brian, plus hanging out with the Certified Instructors (Deb Tucker’s CI’s)

Well, this year I sorta forgot to take photos and I didn’t really hang as much with friends as I had lots of appointments ….picking out fabric with Brian for our 2020 Cruise, talking to vendors about items needed to purchase for the cruise, secured a few fun door prizes, networking, etc.

More Tucker friends

For those that follow on Facebook you’ve already seen some of the funny videos with my roommate Rosella…we actually interviewed an international quilter, but I haven’t had time to edit that video yet. Hopefully soon. It’s just a matter of downloading it and adding the opening screen shot. We did a fabulous 30-minute walk through of Island Batik booth but somehow the footage got corrupted when I tried to edit it. Long story…had a huge area that needed to be cut out (forgot to turn the camera off so it’s kinda weird shots of the ceiling and floors). Hate to admit it, but I am really clueless with the editing part. On my bucket list that’s for sure to learn video editing. Always something to look forward to!

Reunion time! Seeing friends I usually only see at the Houston events

In the meantime, I’m preparing to mail off my “secret sewing” project to Island Batik for Spring Market 2020. I’ve begun designing already for Fall Market 2020, the fabrics will be shipping end of the year with a spring deadline. The “secret sewing” continues, year round – yep, something else to look forward to – teasing photos until the big reveal!

Island Batik designer friends

Soon I will be receiving the fabrics for the cruise 2020 quilt and I can’t wait to start making it! We still have space available if you need to give yourself a ticket to put in your stocking this holiday season – just sayin’

Friends near and far, we seem to find our way to Houston!

Somehow I managed to steal away a few much-needed hours this past week to just sit in the sunshine and ponder. Hope I can do it again soon!

Hug your friends! The “They sayers” of the world tell us we all need a friend and a hug. I’ll take several hugs please! I don’t think I got enough at Fall Market or Festival (grin).

Yep, I go crazy when I get a hug from a friend!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, thankful for friends, family, and time at the beach!

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