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Between Fall Market & Quilt Festival

Hum…Fall Quilt Market was Friday October 25 to Monday October 28 …. I have sew much to share, but oh sooo little time. Don’t despair dear quilting friend – the roving rambler reporter does have a few stories to tell in future blogs.

The vendor mall and quilt exhibits at Houston International Quilt Festival actually start with a preview night, tonight, October 30 with the festivities running until Sunday November 3rd. With a day or so to spare in between the two events I thought it was time to…


As a disclaimer, it’s not just your normal clutter due to rushing to complete projects before Fall Quilt Market….if you’ve been following my ramblings you know I have a bigger mess than that! I’m happy to report that a lot of the storage boxes have been emptied! However, I still am reclaiming the floor as I sort and toss trying to organize my treasures.

Today I purposed to reclaim the bare minimum….that being the cutting station, the ironing station and the sewing station. Priorities my dear ones, priorities!

Actually I chose the areas that were not only of the most importance but the ones I knew I could reclaim in a single day. Always good to have workable goals! Little successes are encouraging!

Mission Accomplished

Ta da – the cutting table is clutter free, I can use the ironing station without the fear of fire, and…. just look at that sewing surface! I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling thinking of the potential projects. Sweet dreams of future designs, using my favorite fabrics and tools! Betcha’ can guess which ones ~ Island Batik and Studio 180 Design of course!

Wow! What a great feeling to have these important sections of my studio under control.

I have lots of future sewing for “after festival”.

Yep, won’t be long until there’s another creative explosion – fabrics all over the cutting station, pulling out the pressing Strip Stick to press my seams open with my Oliso iron(s), the welcomed sound of the machine humming, threads and fabric trims all over the floor ~ I truly do try to hit the trash can, but seriously, in my defense, haven’t you seen how thread and little trimmings like to float and blow across the room instead of landing in said trash can?

Yep, it feels good to have today’s mission Accomplished!

Family Fun Between Market & Festival

So excited to see our precious Reagan take multiple steps to her sweet momma yesterday! And our kids FaceTimed us last night, multiple steps then rolling over in laughter. Reagan is such a happy little girl! We just love her.

Speaking of special events between Fall Market and Quilt Festival…it’s been nice to be able to watch the World Series at home instead of at the hotel….was hoping NOT to have a Game 6, but as they say “it’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

Yep, TV dinner is almost ready for what I’m sure will be an exciting Game 7. Naturally I’m rooting for the Astros to #TakeItBack It’s been a nail-biting-nerve-wracking series and no matter what, each team overall has done their best to entertain us in their pursuit for excellence.

Until “after festival” this is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler encouraging you to go mess up your studio with your own creative explosion!

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  1. Hi Karen! OMG – look at that sweet Reagan taking her first few steps. Love, love, LOVE this. Don’t you just want to scoop her up?! I can just hear the laughter from here. ~smile~ Roseanne

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