Is Time Standing Still?

Time Stands Still
Life without Walls, or Insulation!

It does feel like time is standing still. But things are actually moving forward. Here’s the status update for things at the Overton household and The Quilt Rambler Studio (all under the same roof!)

Yesterday the Repipe Specialist dropped the water lines to replace the old galvanized pipes. This is not part of Harvey damage but an out of pocket expense that needed to be done while the walls are open.

Next step is to totally remove everything out of the house and Studio either in storage or the necessary things we will need to reside in the RV. Due to continued waiting on funds to be released by mortgage company from insurance, and our contractor’s schedule, mercifully, we have until the 15th – rather the night of the 14th to complete this task!

Current conditions 🎶baby it’s cold outside 🎶. We have chosen to remain in the house (without walls and insulation) vs a total move to the RV until the 14th If you’ve been keeping up with us you will know that includes our RV as our only “outhouse” due to an inoperable “facility” in the house- reminds me of Girl Scout camp and running outside to the latrine – thankfully this one is warm inside (and odorless 😏) We are counting our blessings that while it may be cold we are not having to make a run in the rain 😳

There’s lots to do in the next few days including 3 quilts that have deadlines. So I best get off and get busy!

Carry on – that is all




That Was Then, This Is Now

Happy New Year 2018! What a difference a year makes! This time last year I was celebrating a brand new studio redo.

That Was Then

In all honesty, the room really never stayed like this – it’s a working studio after all and I tend to make “creative messes.”  It was certainly colorful!

The Quilt Rambler Studio Jan. 1, 2017
The Quilt Rambler Studio Jan 2017
The Quilt Rambler Studio Jan 2017
The Quilt Rambler Studio Jan 2017

This is Now

Hurricane Harvey wasn’t nice. The hardest hit room of my house was the studio. As a former two-car garage, the studio has a step-down and is lower than the rest of the house. Harvey came and stayed for several days, each night bringing in more water. During the day a lot would drain down, except in the studio. It remained under water for 5 days with approximately 5 inches. Most things were put up high….but water is water and it causes walls to have to come down. Which simply means a four letter word – WORK!

But that was then. This is now.

Things were reorganized, somewhat, into buckets and now those buckets must be moved into storage because reconstruction starts tomorrow!

Jan 2018 The Quilt Rambler Studio current worldview
Preparing to fold quilts to put into storage buckets 1.1.18
The Quilt Rambler Studio Redo 2018

My Mission Impossible

And I chose to accept it! Move things out so the reconstruction can begin. So many exciting things are going to be happening in 2018. For example – see those stack of clear buckets in the photo above- take a good look – that area is going to become a guest powder room! I am so excited to have a “second potty” – it’s going to be sew perfect for future quilting classes!

Yep, lots of changes coming in 2018. I’m ready to begin this journey! Hope you will hang around and cheer me through it!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, Texas Strong by the grace of God!






And So It Begins

The day after Christmas marks the official “beginning to move out” process. We have a week until Repipe Specialist come to replace our old galvanized pipes. We have been instructed to have certain areas cleared so they can work. It does help that we don’t have walls, thank you Harvey, makes their job easier!

Today it was clean out the hall closet (which backs up to the tub in the bathroom) and clear out the bathroom cabinets – transferring most to the clear plastic totes that will go into the RV when we make that our official home during reconstruction.

Oscar finds it fascinating that there is so much stuff behind the closed cabinet doors!

Who knew there was so much in a one-bathroom home! Oh my goodness, the over-the-counter things like Pepto and sunscreen with expiration dates several years past expiration! Yep, it’s a good thing to be deep cleaning and tossing as we go.

First things first, move the necessary bathroom items to the RV along with our rain boots!

There are still quilts to work on in The Quilt Rambler studio before the big move, so don’t tune me out! But right now things are focused on the bathroom and hall closets. Tomorrow it’s the kitchen!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler keeping this short and sweet – lots of shakin and movin going on over here.

Day 26 of the #31dayblogchallenge