Monday Musings: Let’s Be Colorful

The Trimmings from a future project
The Quilt Rambler loves color
Let’s Talk Color! The makings of a new quilt or potential wall paint for our Harvey reconstruction?

Over the weekend I posted this photo on facebook of me “shopping” for paint chips to consider for our reconstruction with the caption “think we will go neutral.”  I’m cracking up at all the responses! Everything from “Egads!” to “they all look like you.” Yep, this gal loves color! I’m going to keep you guessing as to whether this is a room redo or the beginnings of a new quilt!

Monday’s sure have a way of rolling around rather quickly, don’t they? It’s a little overcast today with potential rain. Good thing that it’s colorful here in The Quilt Rambler Studio On Wheels (aka RV)!

Colorful Beginnings

Seems there’s so much going on that I haven’t had time to do what I really enjoy and that’s to sew.

Deadlines, decisions, and drainage

Just a brief update on our post-Harvey reconstruction – we had to make the decision to perform “open heart surgery” on the foundation of our home to repair and replace drainage problems. While this is a serious matter to consider we didn’t hesitate as we do prefer indoor plumbing! While things look a little dull now, just wait until I get walls!

Foundation cut to allow for new drainage pipes
Splitting the foundation of a home is like open heart surgery, never fun to do but necessary for the  life flow


Replacing drainage pipes
A maze of new drainage pipes – hum? could this be a new quilt design?

Adding A Little Color To The Mix

Finally! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a little Sunday sewing and trust me, it was most welcomed even if it is part of my “deadline” to do list. Let’s talk color!

The Trimmings from a future project
Don’t you just love love love the trimmings – Island Batik fabrics certainly brighten up the day

I tend to work my deadlines as “putting out the biggest fires first” and up next on my list of things to do is “proof the pattern” of a quilt I will be co-teaching with my fellow CI (Certified Instructor) Brian MCoy at the fall Studio 180 Academy. The fabric supply list is due this next week so time to sew and make a few blocks!

Studio 180 Design Corner Beam units
Let’s start with Corner Beam units using Studio 180 Design tools


My preferred method is to press all my seams open. A pressing stick is used to assist in this process


The quilt is called Celestial Borealis Twilight and was inspired by a fellow Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, Liliane Suurenbrock-Loeb from the Netherlands, whom I will be able to meet in person next week at the CI Reunion.  Brian and I will be teaching three tools, the Corner Beam, V-block and Square Squared in this 3-day workshop. His quilt is Celestial Borealis Midnight and a slight variation. Sew excited!!!

Island Batik fabrics make colorful V block units
V-block units in the making


Time to trim up the square in a square unit using Deb Tucker’s Square Squared ruler


Island Batik foundation fabrics Snowcone and Iris make for colorful corner units

All too soon my Sunday Sewing came to a halt, but I am so pleased with the progress. The foundation fabric Snowcone from Island Batik  looks just like its name – reminds me of those rainbow snowcones as a kid! The quilt will be scrappy using other beautiful Island Batik fabrics so stay tuned! Better yet, enroll in Studio 180 Academy and take our class or any of the others! A wonderful opportunity to master the Studio 180 Design tools!

What’s Next?

The Quilt Rambler on the Road – Houston To North Carolina

Trying to do all those ‘get out of town’ things that need to be done – heading to North Carolina this next week to join up with my fellow CI’s for a retreat/reunion/training with Deb Tucker and all the fine folks from Studio 180 Design. Looking for a welcomed change of scenery!


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, encouraging you to add a little color to your life! Happy Monday y’all!







2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Let’s Be Colorful

  1. Brian McCoy says:

    Hey sista from another mista! Those colors for your Celestial Borealis at Twilight look amazing! I can’t wait to see the end results! Looking forward to seeing you again in just 4 days in Raleigh! Safe travels to you and Johnny in the Ramblin RV!

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Hey there brother from that other mother – can’t wait for our family reunion! We are leaving the Ramblin RV at home – too wet to move it, but will be travelin in the Ramblin Roadster – see you soon!

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