Monday Musings – Can You Say Quilting Retreat!!!

Little Lion Judah loves road trips!

My Monday almost got away from me! But not before I packed the truck to head out tomorrow for a Quilting Retreat of sorts….more on that in a moment!

We Interrupt This Week For Very Exciting Happenings!

Picking out light fixtures for Harvey reconstruction of our home and studio

Today marked 7 months post-Harvey and we had a very exciting day around the homestead and The Quilt Rambler studio! We touched base with our contractor and got our marching orders for the week. First stop today was Sherwin Williams to pick out paint chips, then on to Home Depot where we had already pre-shopped for the pendant lights over the island in the kitchen and the vanity light in the studio half-bath. I’ve made an appointment with the folks up in Houston to pick out the tile, flooring, and countertops on Wednesday. When I say “up into Houston” that translates to at least a two-hour drive across the “great divide.”  Talk about a road trip!

When we returned home from the errands we were met with a house void of workers (they were here earlier) and a driveway full of cabinets!! It took us about an hour and a half to hand-truck them into the living room, and I couldn’t resist to open up at least one of the boxes to actually see what the cabinets look like! Oh my, they are better than I imagined! Soft close drawers and all. It’s possible that they will be installed next week – what’s up next is all the taping and floating of the sheetrock.

What a pleasant surprise to see that cabinets had been delivered, right on time as scheduled for today! We just missed seeing them offloaded.
We moved the cabinets inside – can’t wait to see them!


Anticipation got the best of me! Had to open one small box to take a peek inside!


I am so pleased, beautiful inside and out! Can’t wait to see them installed!

Sometimes There’s Trouble in Paradise

To be very transparent, the past 3 or 4 days were not good days for me. (I’m sorry I missed the Quilt Story Saturday – I’m saving the story for another time, it’s a good one). Quite frankly I more than hit the wall. Not literally, as I didn’t want to hurt my hand if I did hit something, but I did shed a few tears of frustration. Seems there are so many wonderful things happening right now, but they are happening all at once and the deadlines are just a bit more than I could handle, especially trying to deal with things working out of a very small RV. If we were just camping this would be a perfect size, but with a desktop computer, file cabinet, sewing machine, etc there’s not a lot of room to work much less really sew. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I gave up cooking after Harvey hit…really eager for that new kitchen! Eating out, calling out for pizza or frozen dinners in the microwave is getting rather old.

So! Seeing that I wasn’t my normal happy self, my husband had the grand idea that I needed a quilting retreat! Ain’t he sweet?  Even though quilting is my job it is also my therapy.  With things being so crowded and not being able to spread out to sew for the need to pick up to have a place to eat or sleep….well, you get the picture! A creative mind needs creative space to function! What better attitude adjustment than a quilting retreat!

On The Road Again

Between all the house errands, moving cabinets inside, and taking time out to go out to eat we somehow managed to pack my truck for my “quilt retreat” – this is the best kind! I’m going to visit my mother and sister and I’m taking my sewing machine with me!! Not to mention all sorts of wonderful projects – mostly Island Batik! Among the things I hope to accomplish this week is to finish my March Island Batik Ambassador project, piece  the quilt top of my Stormy Stars pattern by Deb Tucker with my Island Batik Blue Moon fabric, make another “shop sample” of Illuminated Journey and hopefully another top or two….lofty goals you might say…well, they are deadline goals as I am so excited to be vending at a quilt show in a few weeks.  Check out my schedule to see all the details.

Buckets of Island Batik fabrics, my Aurifil threads, Stormy Stars pattern is peaking out, and my faithful little red wagon to help me haul it all in!


The turquoise is my sewing chair turned upside down, the boxes are full of Island Batik Blue Moon fabric that I will be kitting for Stormy Stars, and the buckets have my Island Batik Ambassador fabrics. I think I might have enough to keep me busy for a few days!


For now, just know that I will soon be “back to me” (back to normal seems to be unattainable as normal is really just a setting on your dryer!) I look forward to being in my “happy place” quilting and visiting with extended family, with a few reconstruction interruptions along the way (they aren’t really interruptions if they mean getting closer to moving back in my home and into the studio!)

Catch ya’ later

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, eager to be quilting again! Even if that means I have to leave home to do it!




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5 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Can You Say Quilting Retreat!!!

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    You have certainly been dealing with a lot since Harvey! If the cabinets have been delivered, you certainly have to be on the downhill slope with the end more than a pin-dot on the horizon! Enjoy your time with your mom and sister…and all that glorious fabric!!!

  2. Velda Roy says:

    Well lrt me just say if I was in your shoes, I would not be coping as well as you! I go into a tailspin if I the toast isnt toasted perfectly to my exact requirements, so to say I’m beyond impressed with how you are handling this challenge is not nearly enough. I’m eager to see how all your retreat projects work out.

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Thank you Velda – it’s only by the grace of God that we have made it this far – I like the song ????sometimes He calms the storm other times He calms His child ???? eager to get sewing and report in so stay tuned!

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