Second Chance

Many times we refer to a decision to change as a do-over, turning over a new leaf, or a second chance. Sometimes that second chance isn’t by choice, but by the mercy of God, and we are grateful that there is a second chance. Things just happen for a reason. We carry on!

I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks today that we were given the “keys to the kingdom” and began moving back in after Hurricane Harvey reconstruction. Although we are still in the process it’s so wonderful to occupy this “new space” which seems like a mansion compared to living in the RV for months. While we are rejoicing, we have been praying for those affected by Hurricane Florence, it’s been heavy on my heart as I know the long road to recovery that many are facing. Natural disasters, no matter what their names, floods, fires, earthquakes, have a way of bringing us to our knees, and by God’s mercy, give us a second chance. He spares our lives for a reason!

Meanwhile back in the studio

Thought I’d take a moment and share my studio “second chance” – it’s slow going but every day there’s some progress as we try to reorganize things while trying to maintain a normal workflow.

My A1 Quilting Machine arrived over a week ago. Thus began the process of clearing off the longarm table and cleaning it from the construction debris. The leader bars were stored “safely” in the attic but when brought down they were filthy. Didn’t think about all the workers needing to be in the attic, electricians, plumbers, AC guys…construction is just a messy job.

Leftover construction debris


Time to wipe away the dirt


The worst cleanup was the casters


Ready for the leader bars and machine head

When cleaning the wheels and such I noticed my “autograph” on the bottom of the table – my butterfly and “Praise the Lord” documenting the beginning of a new career as Quilts ‘N Kaboodle. I thought it fitting to document my “new beginnings.”

under the longarm


2nd chances

I was most thankful that the hydraulics still worked after so long of inactivity. Our tired brains took a while to remember how to set up the longarm, our last set up was in 2014 when we were dealers for the company. You’d think it would be like riding a bike….nope. We forgot to level the table before adding the machine head, had to remember how to level the carriage, which leader bar goes where? Everything is set up except remembering which wires go where to plug in the electronics. That’s still waiting to be done. Sometimes “Harvey brain” gets the best of us and we just get a little overwhelmed and need to move on to tackling something else.

Other Studio Activities

I hate that I’ve been so inactive on the blog – there’s a fabulous Blog Hop going on right now that I’d like to remind you about, My Happy Place Row Along – click on the link for the schedule of presenters if you need a refresher.

I’ve been doing some secret sewing – one will be revealed tomorrow as my September Island Batik Ambassador challenge, and one is a quilt for a new pattern that will be revealed at Fall Market 2018 – so stay tuned for both!

Secret Sewing – new fabric line from Island Batik being introduced at Fall Market 2018


Working with my CI Pattern Testers this week on a new quilt pattern from The Quilt Rambler

Second Chances

While we have been given a second chance to rebuild our “new home, same location” our neighbor is having to demolish their house, one board at a time as it was not salvageable from the storm. Talked with them yesterday and once the “deck is cleared” they will rebuild on stilts and raise the house about 8 feet. Their second chance is still a work in progress. Which indeed is reflective of all of us. Life can be hard, but God is good. He gives strength to the weary and carries us through.


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, just touching base to say that I’m thankful for second chances.

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6 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. Phyllis says:

    Second chances are a blessing and they do happen for a reason though you may not realize it at the time….there is a greater power at work!

  2. Roseanne says:

    Hi Karen! I am glad to see a post from you. A second chance in whatever the context may be is definitely something worth celebrating. Not everyone will receive that second chance. It sure is nice to see you getting further along with the setup of your longarm and your studio overall. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Barbara Kellard says:

    Thanks for the update. It’s good to know you are able to begin to start moving into your studio and have the strength and determination to cleanup and move forward in a positive way. Thinking of your neighbor and praying they too can remain positive knowing that others are praying for them to remain calm for the work ahead. Thanks for sharing from Florida.

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