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Which house? Or Perhaps We Should Say “Plan B”

It’s day 11 of the #31dayblogchallenge

It’s two weeks until Christmas! It’s also getting closer to our moving from “house to house” to begin reconstruction after Harvey…. A funny thing happened a few days ago – a little TMI actually – but I thought I’d share anyway concerning “which house?” After reading this you will probably think I belong in the funny house!! But don’t worry, there will be quilts in this post too…

Do I Really Have to Move Out?

We have been waiting for an insurance settlement to begin reconstruction, as well as time for me to finish my Christmas customer quilts before having to give up the studio and move everything out of the house….

Speaking of the studio…I am so thankful that five customer t-shirt quilts were picked up this weekend. I think I have 5 or 6 more to go… Here’s just a couple of them…

T-shirt quilt made by The Quilt Rambler from a collection of Harley Davidson shirts
Harley Davidson shirts always make a fabulous t-shirt quilt
A mom just picked this up for her son who is a new dad – “he’s going to be so pleased” when he gets this for Christmas!

And yes, we really have to move out from our “house without walls” to our newly acquired RV parked in the yard….everything will move into storage as our home will gain new walls, new floors, new kitchen cabinets, new new new! It’s so exciting.

Which House Is Currently Most Functional?

Hum….here’s the TMI (too much information) section..in one regard it’s kinda like a comedy scene from I Love Lucy! Well, maybe not that funny, especially at the time, but I’ve figured out that it’s better to laugh than cry…besides, crying just messes up my makeup!

This photo was actually taken 12/1 – didn’t realize it had been so long….broken handle can be overcome by removing the lid and yanking the chain!

A little over a week ago I posted on facebook that our one potty wasn’t flushing properly…well, basically it needed new “guts” – but since we were so close to moving out I told my husband that I’d rather him spend the money on taking me out to eat than paying for the part to fix the handle…so I figured out a way to just “yank the chain” and had a great meal out!  (no one ever said I was dumb!)

That’s been working pretty well, a little embarrassing when a guest comes over, but hey, the whole place is a mess so I’ve learned to swallow my pride.

All was fine and good until Thursday 12/9  last week when hubby said the tub wasn’t draining…then we discovered that the yanking of the chain, in addition to the tub not draining, produced an “overflow” under said potty….hum….not a good sign…after hours of liquid Drano, doing something called “snaking” and other things beyond my area of expertise, it was determined that it was time to call a plumber. Who can be here on Tuesday!!! What part of the only bathroom didn’t that lady on the other end of the phone understand?

Plan B

Outhouse in the snow
Not quite as rustic, but actually quite as cold!

For those who know me well, know that I always always like to have a Plan B.  Sometimes that’s a Plan C, D, E and F too…Whatever it takes and however many it takes! I’ve got a plan.

Yep! We have an RV…never mind that we haven’t moved into it yet. Okay, we’ve had a few lunches over there, have it hooked up to a power source, the AC works! The lights work….it is equipped with a bathroom! Problem solved, right?

Okay, it’s not that simple. First of all, it hasn’t been hooked up to a water source, that wasn’t too difficult, hubby did that in the dark! But there’s this little thing called heat….you may recall that we woke up to snow on Friday morning! Yep, yep yep.

Long story short,  the entire day Friday was spent getting the propane heater working – which comes to find out is a major task and you have to do umpteen different steps to even get it to turn on…so Saturday I bought a small electric space heater! Told you I was a woman with a plan!

Plan C

which house
Since this side of the yard floods easily with a normal rain a sidewalk made from pallets and plywood was added to make our trip to the “outhouse” a little less messy

Our contractor is sending his plumber sometime today so I can cancel the oh-so-helpful plumber scheduled for Tuesday! Hey, a day in the life of “which house” will seriously make a difference! So will warmer temperatures!  Trust me!

And by the way, please understand that I realize that there’s a lot of call for plumbers due to all the construction and I’m not upset that they were so overbooked. Okay, maybe Thursday night I was upset, but I’ve repented since then (grin).

In a few short weeks, it won’t matter anyway! The old one will be removed and the bathroom will be updated with a new potty and a new tub! There are even hopes of adding a second half-bath (time will tell).

In the meantime, it’s back to the studio to keep working away on those customer quilts! The sooner they are completed the sooner we can pack things into storage and move into the RV.

I’m sure all will be well that ends well (grin).

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, the Queen Bee of Plan B!

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2 thoughts on “Which house? Or Perhaps We Should Say “Plan B””

  1. Good morning Karen!
    I have really been enjoying your blogs this month. Such positive messages
    In challenging times.
    Our house is a work in progress but we look at it as a blessing in disguise….getting rid of all the junk we have collected over thirty years.
    I have a quilt to bring you in the new year. And more to come!
    God bless and keep us all!

    1. I didn’t realize you were flooded too Linda! Guess you can truly relate! Once the dust settles and we move in the RV – or would that be when the dust begins! – regardless, come see me for a visit! Thanks for keeping up with my rambles, means the world to me!

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