Rambling On


Yesterday I attended a women’s conference at my church Calvary Houston, simply entitled Joy.

Indeed the facilities were festive – we have so many wonderful servants who sacrifice their time and talents behind the scenes to ensure that the ladies feel pampered and loved.

The Christmas season can invoke a lot of emotions- for some its excitement and anticipation, others perhaps loneliness or even despair, most will at least feel rushed, pressured or overwhelmed at some point in the season. This is why our women’s ministry takes the time to offer this oasis – a time to set aside and focus on the reason for the season, Jesus.

And indeed we did! The worship, the fellowship, the food and the teaching was all for the glory of God. I truly believe everyone in attendance, no matter their circumstances, walked out with renewed joy. When you invite Jesus to your party (life) that is the gift He gives – among other things like peace, hope, and love.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, inviting you today to “come let us adore Him”



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