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I know you have enjoyed this week's blog hop hosted by Tammy 
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Today The Quilt Rambler has a guest blogger, Lydia Zeigler.

Studio 180 Design Square 2


Hi!  My name is Lydia and I love precision piecing! Living in Northern Illinois, I have been a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor for nearly three years and sharing these tools with you today is my absolute joy!!  Once you put these tools to work on your next project there is no turning back to frustrating piecing UFOs!    The multiple sizes offered on each tool, the trim down method to ensure accuracy and the detailed instructions – which include steps for us left-handers – all make these tools a great addition to your toolbox!


Today, I’m stopping by to share Studio 180 Design’s Square tool with you.  Have you ever made square-in-a-square units using the folded corner method, ending in a frustratingly inaccurate result?  Well, this tool will solve that issue!


Let’s take a look –


Studio 180 Design Square Squared tool


As you can see, this tool consists of three parts:

The Center Square Section – precisely drafted squares for the center section of your block (there are six different unit sizes to choose from)

The Trim Down Section – guide lines used to trim down your oversized unit to the accurate cut size

The Size Chart for Triangles – sizes of squares to cut on the diagonal for your side triangles


Let’s make a unit –

Step One:

Using a strip of fabric and the Center Square Section, cut squares to their accurate size.  All the math is done!  No more measuring sixteenths and eighths!


Cut Center Square with Studio 180 Design Squared Square tool


Step Two:

Cut squares referring to the Size Chart for Triangles, then subcut on the diagonal.


Cut side triangles


Step Three:

Position two triangles on opposite sides of the center square.  No need to be concerned about matching the centers because these side triangles are oversized.  One of the benefits of using this tool!

Attach triangles to square


Repeat with the remaining two side triangles.  Press and your unit is ready to be trimmed down!  How easy is that?

Repeat adding triangles to a square


Step Four:

Using the Trim Down Section, align the X’s of the finished block size with the center square.  Trim the first two sides, rotate and repeat on the remaining two sides.

Use Studio 180 Design tool to square the square squared


You now have an accurate unit trimmed down to the precise size!  Because there is ¼” seam allowance all the way around, this unit will fit perfectly.

Square in a Square


This is a great unit to use in your quilting projects.   It works beautifully in the center of blocks, plays nicely with other units, adds interest to sashing between blocks and borders, and can be the “star” of a block using different color choices in the side triangles!  There are so many possibilities!





Thank you, Karen!  Thank you, readers!!   It has been a pleasure sharing this terrific tool with you today!! Happy “precision” Piecing! Lydia


Lydia's contact information is The Measured Stitch, LLC she may be reached via email themeasuredstitch@gmail.com

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Special thanks to Tammy Silvers for organizing this blog hop. We hope this will encourage you as you add more and more Studio 180 Design tools and techniques to your tool box, and we hope you have met a few new quilting friends along the way. Don’t forget to visit Deb’s website for a listing of Certified Instructors to contact one in your area for his or her teaching schedule.

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