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Countdown-Texas Size Announcement Aug 1

It’s coming! Soon! If you follow me on social media you have seen the teasers concerning my Texas Size Announcement coming this Thursday!

Coming Aug 1

I’ve been glued to the phone, the computer, and yes, even the sewing machine to get things ready to share….Anticipation….Good things come to those who wait…and any other sayin’ you want to add….I am so eager to share the news!

There’s a slight catch

Well, just a little one…to be among the first “in the know” to receive the announcement you must be a newsletter subscriber. Yeah, I know, just one more subscription coming to your in box...but seriously, my new newsletter will only publish once a month and will be all short and sweet with “just the facts ma’am” ~ the rambles will still be on the blog (grin).

Okay – just for practice this is going to be short (besides I’m still polishing up the details for the big reveal on Thursday).

Bottom line ~ please sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss a thing!

And just in case you need an escape, there is an unsubscribe option…

And did I mention that your subscription is a two step process (as in Texas Two-Step). You will need to confirm your email when you receive a message from me, then once you are all comfy cozy in my subscribers group your in box will be so excited to receive that welcome letter with my free PDF pattern.

Hurry! While there is still time!

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