Oh my, I’m a day late and a dollar short – personal events prevented me from joining in for Wednesday’s online shopping – I’m sooo glad that each shop will have a recording for their Facebook Live events! Not only does this help me out personally, but for those who are attending this week’s Houston International Quilt Festival you can watch the replay in the evenings! A new twist to Shop Til You Drop!

Wednesday’s Recap

Simply visit each shop’s Facebook account to catch up if you missed the live events today!

Thursday’s Schedule

Ready or Not – The Quilt Rambler will be LIVE Thursday at High Noon Texas Time!


Here’s the deal….well…the real deal will be presented during my Facebook Live – but I want to add a little disclaimer….”specials” won’t show up in my website store (not time to update – been a little busy getting other things ready). You will receive instructions on the FB live event on how to place your orders – in the event you miss the live event, it will be recorded for replay on Facebook (and maybe YouTube) with any “specials” being honored until Nov 1st!

Please visit the other shops today also for their fun filled shopping experiences!

Friday’s Schedule

This is Karen Overton, hoping to “see” you soon! #MissingFestival

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