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Not Exactly on My Bucket List

I scooped three trash cans full of water using a sand castle beach bucket

But having a bucket proved to be useful! Especially when I discovered water rising in my lower level studio about 7 PM Thursday! Short and sweet version instead of the usual ramble as this has been a long night (it’s actually the wee hours of the next morning as I write this).

I was working in the “new house same location” after dinner tonight – specifically the pantry. If you follow me on facebook go check out the really cute contact paper I lined the pantry shelves with – a nice beachie driftwood look….well…I was listening to my Praise & Worship music on my iPad when I thought I heard water running…like the washing machine filling up. Hum? That’s strange, I thought I’d finished the last load?

My pantry is right next to the entrance to my studio…I turned to go check and stepped into two inches of water!

Water is overflowing at the lower level and working its way toward the kitchen pantry

Much to my surprise, I looked across the room to find what reminded me of a beautiful crystal clear mountain stream or more like the edge of the ocean along the beach –

Okay, admit it, don’t you just love the recessed lighting reflected in the two inch “concrete pond” – Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies would have!

I determined that the running water sound was coming from the 1/2 bathroom toilet…seems that flapper thingie was stuck and the water was just a-runnin‘. But that wasn’t the cause of the flood, as there was no evidence of overflow coming from the back of the toilet nor the bowl…I fixed the flapper and turned off the water source then being the good communicator that I am, I made multiple calls – hubby, eldest son, contractor, youngest son and in that order. All hands on deck maties, we’ve got to swab this deck! I might add here, we aren’t “living” in the house yet despite having been given the keys – there’s this little issue with getting our bed set up but that’s a long ramble best left untold…

How high’s the water momma? 2 inches and rising!

Meanwhile back in the studio…

Once it was confirmed that eldest son would bring over his wet/dry vac, the contractor was put on the “keep me informed list” (to his credit he would have been right over if we had asked). While waiting for the firstborn’s arrival we did what we could do to move things from the lower level to the upper level. Thank goodness not much had been moved in – and just earlier in the day hubby had taken my two big suitcases full of my recent “truck” show (quilt trunk show) from the lower level to the upper level! Good call honey! As it was, only two quilts were wet – the one in the above photo and the one I’ve been using as a quilted curtain (again see facebook or instagram – surely you know the one I’m talking about)…My rolling sewing machine Toto bag appeared to have the water line just at the wheels – it was moved to the upper level. Come to think of it, I should have checked to make sure the machine inside was fine….the accessory bag that goes with it was not – I think I lost two irons that were in there, the bottle of best press seemed unharmed <grin>.

The casters on the longarm reflect the water, thank goodness the hydraulic lift legs were raised and didn’t get wet, this time.
VERY thankful that when the sewing machine was moved in the day before it wasn’t fully set up by attaching the foot pedal! This is where I found it! Thank you, Jesus!

I found a trash can and an old beach sand pail and started bailing out the studio. Wouldn’t want to do that for a living that’s for sure! Got three cans full with my little sand pail before the rest of the troops arrived. I tell ya what, a five-gallon trash can full of water is heavy! I was so glad that the moving dolly was still in the house, made it easier to take it outside to dump.

A family that floods together, stays together…oh wait, that’s “prays together – stays together” – we do that too!


My turn! Teach me! Teach me! I want to know how to use a wet vac!


It’s having patience with the detail work …


Everyone had their hand in helping, even the contractor being “on call” and continually updated – he’s coming in the morning naturally. Not sure at this time what was/is the problem but its obvious that we have another flood claim – maybe homeowners this time? not sure…All I know is it could have been worse, could have had the floor full of things to unpack…could have already called it a night and headed to bed in the RV instead of working late in the house. I can only imagine that by the time we went inside in the morning the whole house could have been flooded. Who knows! By the way, hubby had the water turned off where it enters the house so we can try to rest without worry what’s left of tonight!

From BibleVerses2Go

I am on a lot of email lists, including several that send Bible verses…I posted this one as my #verseoftheday on social media Thursday morning…the verse spoke to me and then the photo caught my eye….the tree standing in water…as I was scooping up water with my sand pail I kept thinking that people all over the world experience floods, some simple like the water heater exploding (mine didn’t do that by the way) or pipes bursting or waters rising with a river over its banks or even a hurricane…and then there are the other natural disasters…so much it’s mind boggling…but a song came to mind…If God can be for us who can be against us? Then I started singing the old hymn “We’ll work, till Jesus comes, we’ll work, till Jesus comes….”

Yep. Keep movin, keep workin’. It’s just all a part of life and makes for some interesting stories! Since I “missed” last year’s flood by being out of town I guess I now have my own flood story! I’m not sure of the next chapter, but when we find out what caused this I’ll be sure to let ya’ know.

In the meantime,

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, with very clean floors in my lower level studio – or at least they will be after the fans do their wonders tonight!

So does anyone know the math on how to figure the volume of water? 20′ x 20′ room with at least 2″ deep. Inquiring minds want to know!




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10 thoughts on “Not Exactly on My Bucket List”

  1. Oh No! Good thing you were still there working and the studio wasn’t fully set up and running. Hopefully the damage will be minimal and repairs easily and quickly done.

  2. So glad you caught it early, and that you hadnt unpacked fully.
    Thank you for the verse I needed it tfhis morning.

    The math nerd in me had to figure it out
    Volume off a rectangle that is
    20′ x 20′ x 2″
    240″ × 240″ x 2″
    115,200 cubic inches.
    X 0.004329 gal per cubic inch
    498.70 gallons of water

  3. Good thing you had all those extra hands to help out! I’m glad most of your things were elsewhere. Your question as to the volume of water intrigued this former math teacher. Total area would we 20 x 20 x .16 (that’s your 2 inches) = 68 cubic feet. There are 7.5 gallons of water in each cubic foot. So 68 x 7.5= 510 gallons of water. At least I think so–it’s been a while since I taught math 🙂

  4. I’m so glad that you weren’t all unpacked or at the point of unpacking. Having had to deal with a flooded basement earlier this summer I definitely know what can happen. It does look like it’s going to be a fabulous space to work in tho. Very excited to see it when it gets all unpacked.

  5. Hi Karen! Goodness gracious, if not for bad luck you’d have no luck. I sure would like to know what caused this last flood. And what a blessing to have your son to help! {{Hugs}} That prayer and Bible verse was just perfect – what a sign. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. So thankful you were still working in the house. God does work in mysterious ways, my friend! This wouldn’t be on my bucket list either, but you took it all in stride with a good attitude! Praying for you still…it won’t be long til everything is in place and you are happily plugging away in your studio! That was truly a great devotional for the day! <>

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