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The Journey is Best Shared With Friends

I am so blessed…When I designed Illuminated Journey in 2014 I had no idea the true journey that I was beginning. Quilters are such lovely people! Today I had the pleasure of teaching Illuminated Journey at TEO’s Treasures Quilt Shop in Dickinson Texas – my husband’s hometown by the way.

Even though I’ve shared this pattern with many, on land and at sea, it’s still fresh to me and such a joy to be able to teach my studios the techniques and tools from Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. Illuminated Journey uses the Rapid Fire Leymone Sar Ruler.

A few of the gals in today’s class have attended other Studio 180 Design classes I have taught at TEO’s – in fact, it’s always a treat when someone brings “show and tell” from a previous class! I think I need to start a new page here on the website to include our “wall of accomplishment” – so, if you have taken a class or workshop with me why not email me your bragging rights and I will share with my followers!


Julie’s Sugar & Spice with a modified border – I love it! Good job Julie

Today’s class was a lot of fun to work with – friends and new friends! We missed our friend Cathy who had a car wreck on the way to class. Apparently, a tire was in the freeway and she was surrounded on both sides and couldn’t dodge it. She reported in this evening that “the Lord took care of me and I just have one scrape on my wrist. Car is another story“. We missed you sweet friend and pray that you won’t be too sore when you wake up in the morning.

Illuminated Journey class held at TEO’s Treasures Quilt Shop 9.8.18

I love it when quilters work together and encourage each other. As mentioned, a few of the gals had attended the Sugar & Spice class and were familiar with the tool – so they naturally became teacher’s aides at their tables.


Where quilters gather…the journey is sweeter with friends.

The pattern has quilters working through the process of making the star border with small Leymone Stars – this gets the student familiar with the process of using the tool and strip pieced technique – no cutting individual diamonds or those pesky y-seams. In true Studio 180 Design fashion, the units are oversized and then trimmed down to the proper size. Everyone loves this – and I love watching their faces light up with the “ah-ha” moments when it clicks and the process now becomes theirs.

Cutting the strips to make Lemoyne Star units


Strip piecing makes the Lemoyne Star units so much easier to construct

One of the advantages of taking a class is the tips you learn, and not just from the teacher! In a previous workshop, I shared the “paper plate organizational tip” that was shared with me by fellow Certified Instructor (CI) Jackie OBrien. By labeling the plates and separating the steps it keeps your workspace more organized.

Labeling paper plates with the step or unit makes construction more organized

After making a few “regular” Lemoyne star units it was time to tackle the blazing star for the center of the quilt. I love seeing all the fabric choices – each one so unique and beautiful. Individual.

Auditioning blazing star parts – lime green to the inside or flip it to have lime green on the outer points…hum…

I was having sew much fun that I neglected to take any other photos – especially the full class photo…BUT! As everyone finishes their project I will add to that new page that I have plans to begin, soon.

I hope taking classes are a part of your quilting journey!

I want to thank Sheryl and Beth for the opportunity to teach at their beautiful shop. As Beth announced today “Karen is on maternity leave the next few months (gasp) but we have lots of upcoming classes here at the shop…” Actually, I’m on “baby watch” for my sweet Reagan – I can’t wait to be a granny!  Sheryl, Beth and I will be sitting down next week to map out the next journey together – so stay tuned to the shop’s website/class calendar as well as you can always check The Quilt Rambler on The Road schedule to see what’s up next! And it goes without saying that you can sign up for the blog to arrive in your email as soon as I hit the publish button!

Just cuz the teaching schedule will be taking a small break doesn’t mean that things aren’t still happenin’ in The Quilt Rambler Studio! Hope you will hang around and share the rambles and the journey with me!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, lovin’ that the journey allows me to meet so many fabulous folks that share my passion for quilting!

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