Let’s Talk Star 60 – Tutorial

This weekend I decided to “take off” from my deadline sewing/quilting and just play in the studio – which is technically still sewing, but it’s sewing without an obligation or the pressure to finish something. In year’s past I would take as much of the month of July off for personal sewing…almost out of month this year so it was now or never!

I’ve made a few blocks using the new Star 60® tool from Studio 180 Design, and determined that I really wanted to make placemats to match a quilted tablecloth ….

You may have seen these already on Facebook if you venture into that social media…by lunchtime on Sunday I had 3 placemats quilted, bound and on the table! I have more made, but since my ByAnnie Soft N Stable was only big enough for three that’s all I did…the others will have to wait.

That left Sunday afternoon still open…hum…what did I want to do next? 

Well, I’d been thinking about making the Hextravaganza quilt design that was included with the Star 60®  instructions…why not! Yep. I could do that on my afternoon off…

But wait! Why not play around with making a tutorial while I was working through the process. Why not indeed? So that’s exactly what I did.

Now, here’s a disclaimer…. this was not rehearsed or even thought out ahead of time. Truly just a spur of the moment decision to invite you into my studio as I worked through making this design. The content is there and I hope you find the explanations on the tool useful….I invite you to laugh along with me at my bloopers and enjoy the journey of making this quilt.  That said….let me invite you into my studio as we Ramble ‘N Sew….

In case the video doesn’t work, here’s the link: Star 60 Tutorial.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – inviting you to take time to play with the new Star 60®  tool from Studio 180 Design!

Naturally, I do have the tool available in my Etsy shop with more ordered and on their way!

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