Is it Time for a Big Reveal?

You bet your boots it is!

Oh, my goodness, I don’t even know where to start! What a whirlwind these past few weeks – all good, but my busy brain is on overload, mainly I think I have keyboard elbow (if there is such a thing from being on the computer nonstop). 

I have sew much to share, so grab that second cup of whatever warm beverage is your pleasure, pull out your fav cozy quilt, put your feet up…. it’s time to ramble!

Upcoming Pattern Release

Yesterday the final text edits were approved for Not Your Grandmother’s Sampler. I’m eager to get this one to press, as the fabrics are just starting to ship.

This quilt was a blast to make! I wanted to pay homage to all those sampler quilts from yesteryear without the traditional setting of either on point or with sashing. I desired to create simple teachable units in the event a true beginner wanted to try their hand at learning a new skill. Not to say that a seasoned quilting saint wouldn’t find this enjoyable also! 

It’s made as a one-tool teachable quilt, that one tool being the ever so popular and useful Tucker Trimmer from Studio 180 Design. There’s a vast variety of units constructed with this tool and I do believe you will find the unique layout inspiring. 

Naturally, the fabrics are from Island Batik, this quilt is made with their Ohana collection, from the Spring (didn’t happen) Market 2020. You may also recognize the fabrics as I used the same collection in my Wheels on The Bus Table Runner and Placemats project this summer.

I’m eager to announce the final version, Not Your Grandmother’s Sampler will soon be available in both print form and PDF download in my online shop! AND as a bonus, I’ve ordered the fabrics to kit this fun quilt. Can’t wait!

Fall (Missed) Market 2020

Sigh…In a perfect world, I would have been at Fall Market this past week. I missed the hugs that’s for sure! I’ve always said Market and Festival are like a big ole family reunion for quilting friends.

Well, had this event taken place I would have been introducing my very first The Quilt Rambler Signature Collection by Kathy Engle of Island Batik…..drumroll, please!

Presenting Vincent’s Garden!

Island Batik Fall Market 2020 Fabric  Signature Collection for The Quilt Rambler

If you look closely can you see the deep blue fabric reminiscent of Van Gogh’s infamous The Starry Night painting. I dearly love this collection!

Had your local quilt shop been at Fall Market 2020 visiting the Island Batik booth they would have been given the above handout showing all 20 SKU’s of this beautiful collection!

Plus, if they looked on page 6 of the catalog…well….let me just say I’m humbled to be counted among this group!

I’m so pleased to finally share the collection name, Vincent’s Garden, as well as the fabrics. Now here’s the deal, I need all y’all to head right on down to your local quilt shop and ask them (pretty please) to order the whole collection, and naturally, the supporting patterns (three, count them three, new patterns by yours truly along with fabulous new quilts from my designer friends).

Vincent's Garden The Quilt Rambler's Signature Collection by Island Batik

Yep, tis the season of ordering. Fabrics will ship around February 2021I know, I know, that’s a long time to wait, but as I always say, “good things come to those who wait!”  I’ve big plans for the fabric release party next spring, including a blog hop and fat quarter bundle giveaways! 


Had I been at Fall Market 2020 I would have been able to pick up a few of Vincent’s Garden precuts. Yes, that’s correct, The Quilt Rambler Signature Collection comes complete with those fabulous 2 ½” strip packs AND the 10 ½” square precuts…..soooooo…..

Since I wasn’t at market my good friends at Island Batik took my order and a big box arrived just this week!!! Wowser! I have a limited number of each of the precuts available in my online store. As a faithful blog reader, I’m sharing this with you first before I do a social media blast. You’re welcome.

But Wait! There’s More!

With the introduction of Vincent’s Garden, I can now reveal the upcoming patterns, which I will be writing over the course of the next few weeks to have available by the time the fabric is shipping.

Lights Shine Bright

Lights Shine Bright Quilt design and pattern by The Quilt Rambler

This pattern is one reason I was so thrilled to learn that The Quilt Rambler Signature Collection Vincent’s Garden would be available in precuts since I designed this quilt to use a precut package of the 10″ squares along with background and border fabrics. This 65″ x 65″ quilt is a companion pattern for Studio 180 Design’s Corner Beam and Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tools. Lights Shine Bright pattern release is scheduled for early Spring 2021.

Split My Gaggle

What’s more fun than a gaggle of geese? Flying geese that is? Naturally making them with Studio 180 Design’s Wing Clipper…the fun is adding Split Rects to the mix! This is a good sized 52″ x 68″ lap quilt. Split My Gaggle reminds me of chili peppers right out of the garden, Vincent’s Garden, and is sure to please! Pattern release is scheduled early Spring 2021.

Never Alone

This 58″ x 72″ quilt, Never Alone, comes together quickly using the ever popular Studio 180 Design’s Tucker Trimmer and the beautiful fabrics from Vincent’s Garden. I’m working on a table runner this fall and will be eager to share that when the pattern releases early Spring 2021.

I just love the bright colors in this collection, and I know you are going to be eager to get your hands on the fabrics! Still pinching myself that it has my name associated with it! I am so grateful to Island Batik for this opportunity. Spring will be here before you know it, so clear your quilting to-do-list project calendar in anticipation of Vincent’s Garden arrival as well as all three of The Quilt Rambler patterns.

Want to know another little surprise?

Announcing The Quilt Rambler’s May 2021 Land Locked Quilting Cruise™

I am beyond excited about this. I’ve been buried in negotiations and designing webpageshere’s the scoop!

We are moving from my in-home studio classroom, which has a limit of six students, to a hotel ballroom that will be transformed into a tropical quilting retreat!

Advertisement for May 2021 Land Locked Quilting Cruise by The Quilt Rambler

And did ya notice? Yep, I will be teaching my patterns from Vincent’s Garden! I can’t wait until the fabric arrives to begin cutting fabric kits. These are optional, by the way, attendees are welcomed to bring their own fabrics…. but goodness, look at the variety in this collection, if I hadn’t told you, you’d never know all three came from the same Vincent’s Garden. Oh, and did I mention, Light’s Shine Bright is made with the stunningly popular 10” square precut package! Yep, the very same one that I have listed now in my online store.

The information and registration just went live on the website – all the wonderful details on how you can be a part of this epic adventure! Don’t delay, reserve your space today!

But Wait – There’s Even More!

This time it’s another secret. More secret sewing. I believe I’ve mentioned this previously, but it is worth repeating! My Spring 2021 Signature Collection is such a joy to design with!

In between all the administrative stuff (computer elbow) I’ve been busy creating three new designs with this wonderful collection. Sigh…it’s under wraps until spring, c’est la vie!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, saying happy fall y’all!

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8 thoughts on “Is it Time for a Big Reveal?

  1. Sue says:

    Oh my gosh am I excited with the 3 new patterns and the fabric!!! I love Studio 180 tools. I can’t wait. Thank you

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Karen! Such exciting news and so much of it, too!! That fabric line is GORGEOUS. I love the dark navy as you mentioned, but also the richness of all the colors. I am honestly really thinking about your May dates. Not only does it sound like a fun and fabulous time, but having something to think about for May, 2021 is also a fun thing to look forward to. Could it be? Will this all be behind us by then?? Dare we dream?? I think we can at least dare for now. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Yes Roseanne it’s time to dare to dream again! I think by then we will have a better handle on how to live in a world full of viruses and what adjustments we might need. I sure hope you will join me, I know we’d have a great time! Hugs ? back at’cha

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