Ramble ‘N Sew Tutorial

I started out with good intentions. Truly I did. My plans for this Sunday’s afternoon sewing was to pull out a UFO and determine where I left off to begin again.

Sounds good. Is good…but I didn’t get as much accomplished as I thought. I mean, seriously, I’m a smokin’ needle when I want to be…

My distraction? Trying to figure out a new camera. 

Why not, I said, it will be fun, I said. 

I do admit it was fun! It just wasn’t quick or easy. 

I love learning new things, don’t you? 

The end result of learning a new camera combined with a new editing program is a new episode of Ramble ‘N Sew – focusing on the Shaded Four Patch, a fun technique made accurate with Studio 180 Design’s Technique Sheet and Tucker Trimmer I®

Since my afternoon has now turned to late evening this is going to be a record-breaking short blog post (grin) – and surprisingly enough, the tutorial is almost a “15 Minute” Ramble….


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – headed back to the sewing machine this time without a camera, I’m all rambled out for today!

PS the products used in the tutorial are available in my new online store! 

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