How Hurricane Harvey interrupted my return flight home from Certified Instructor Training 

Photo credit Eric Overton 

First of all let me say thank you to those who are and have been praying for my family during this disconcerting time of displacement by Hurricane Harvey. 

Secondly let me say this recapping is not in chronological order and is definitely a ramble. I will try to fill in the blanks over the next few days…including highlights from my week of CI training with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. My quilting photos are on a camera and I can’t download until I get home to my computer.

Photo credit Jake Overton – our front yard 

I received a phone call from my husband Johnny at 4 AM Sunday morning telling me not to get on my plane as he would not be able to get out to pick me up due to flooding. He then told me we had 3-4 inches in the house and about 6 inches in my studio.

My classmates were so loving and supportive during the week as news of the fast approaching storm interrupted my focus on quilting. With my flight being canceled I wasn’t sure of the next step.

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Deb, Sue, and Sarah insisted that I come home with them instead of being stuck in Iowa waiting for the Houston Hobby Airport to reopen. They live in North Carolina. Sounded reasonable not to mention extremely generous. My biggest fear was that my rambling across country would wear them out!

It made perfect sense to have the opportunity to be productive – besides, Deb had brought a quilt top she wanted me to quilt before Fall Market and if I came home with her I could use her longarm. No telling when I would be able to use mine. Sounded like a plan!! Yep. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with these ladies!

As seen on Facebook personal page 

I continued to get updated on the home front. As Johnny said, we’d been wanting to get rid of things – gotta keep laughing it’s so much better than crying!

Davenport Iowa, photo credit Sue Tucker

We were making good progress having left very early Sunday morning. Until we stopped for breakfast that is… something was wrong with the Tahoe. Didn’t want to go forward but would go in reverse. Called a tow truck and the Firestone folks checked it out and sent us on our merry little way. By this time it was lunch time.

????on the road again ????

As we were approaching Indianapolis things got ugly. Transmission lights came on and you could feel it slipping. We managed to stop at a gas station and there she died.

By now it was dusk. One tow truck took Deb and Sue along with the car to the local dealership (they were closed on Sunday) while the other towed the trailer along with Sarah and I to the hotel. Plan B was starting to get a few hickups.

Fast forward to Monday. Confirmed that the transmission needs to be replaced – which will take a couple of days.

Around noonish Sue and Sarah called a taxi to take them to rent a car. Upcoming shows and deadlines prevented them from remaining idle for several days.

Deb and I remained behind to wait on the repairs. After a walk over to a near by restaurant and a walk down EVERY isle in Krogers where  we decided we “got our steps in” we came back to the hotel  to work on some bindings for their show quilts before ordering a pizza and calling it a night.

As I mentioned I will try to catch up on the blog but for now just know that despite round 3 of Harvey’s rain tonight that I am resolved that I trust God to work all things out for my good – even a flooded studio. My family is all safe for the night and we appreciate your continued prayers.

More later

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler on the road staying away from the rain in Houston

Photo credit Jake Overton – our backyard and his apartment 


8 thoughts on “How Hurricane Harvey interrupted my return flight home from Certified Instructor Training 

  1. Holly says:

    So glad to hear that you and your family are safe. I don’t know when this rain is ever going to stop. We are all on high ground, but surrounded by water here. If you need a place to stay when you get back and you can get through to this side of Houston you are welcome here. When the airports open, if you can only make it to Bush IAH instead of Hobby I can pick you up. Stay safe my dear friend.

    Ton amie

    • thequiltrambler says:

      Thank you for your concern and kind offer. I am eager to get home but I’m having a blast with my mentor and quilting friends. It’s a nice distraction from the flooding. I hope Harvey will just go away and let folks get on with the rebuilding! So glad you are on higher ground! Ton amie ????

  2. Linda Elliott says:

    Have been wondering how things were going at your house. We got water downstairs maybe five inches. We know God is watching us all and we will be fine.
    Take care and i will see you soon. If there is anything we can do please give your family our number.

    • thequiltrambler says:

      Hi Linda – glad you are safe, hope you dry out soon! Yes, God is giving us the strength to handle the storms of life. My guys are beginning the cleanup and are okay – thanks for your offer. I will contact you if we need your help. ????

  3. Linda Elliott says:

    Have been wondering how you are. Sorry to hear you got water in your house. I know God is watching over us and we will be fine.
    If we can do anything please give your husband our phone number.
    Take care!

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