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Quick update on Hurricane Harvey’s Messing Up My Studio 

9/1 I’m still a refugee at the Tucker’s in NC. But I’m not living like a refugee!!! Oh my goodness – beautiful accommodations, fun to be able to work a little in the studio – funner still to watch the amazing organization and work ethic of the Studio 180 Design team! And the food!! Oh my goodness can these Tucker women lay out a spread! Not just once but twice a day! I’ve always teased “feed me I’m yours” and it’s about time someone took me up on it! 🙃

Seriously – I am so grateful to have been adopted by the entire Tucker clan. I could ramble on and on but I do need to finish this update so I can “clock in” with the longarm.  Working on a secret Fall Market quilt that will also be in the booth at Festival

Disclaimer – pardon my typos. I am blogging from my phone trying to work around two kitties that love me and keep hovering around my face and phone while I try to type. Nino and Nazz will be missed as will all the Tucker’s (and Sarah) when I leave.

🎶 I’m leaving on a jet plane 🎶

Hopeful for a Sunday departure. Unconfirmed yet that the airport will be open. If so it means that I have been away from home 2 full weeks.

Studio update 

Water remained in the studio the entire round 1,2,3, and 4 of Harvey. The rest of the house drained between rounds. NO FABRIC WAS HARMED by Harvey due to the heroics of my hardworking sweet husband. Do not send stash  I’ve got more than I can handle 😏

Here’s a few studio photos without comment cuz it’s breakfast time and I have a full agenda. Will blog more as time goes by – right now between phone calls to hubby, insurance claims and trying to rebook flights that constantly change my rambling blog is on the back burner. I know ya understand

More later!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler on the Road ready to roll my sleeves and help my community  🤠 #texasstrong


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