How Does One Occupy Oneself During A Winter Storm Power Outage?

🎶 oh what a night 🎶 oh wait – that’s tomorrow’s tune…I’m getting ahead of myself!

It’s been a rather interesting day here on the Texas Gulf Coast. I’m sure we’ve broken all sorts of records. I really wouldn’t know because I have stayed off social media and didn’t check the news on my phone as I’ve tried to conserve energy today.

While winter storms and power outages are not a new phenomenon, they are kinda a big deal in my neck of the woods. I mean, who’d associate snow with Galveston Island? While I’m on the mainland and not the island, I can vouch for the snow! And unfortunately the ice and sleet. So appreciated not going anywhere today that’s for sure, but dang it – without power how’s a gal going to get any sewing done?!??

I pretended to be a pioneer woman – not THE Pioneer Woman as my attempts in the kitchen leave much to be desired even on a good day…more like the Little House on the Prairie type pioneer woman, as I worked by the light of my hurricane lamp…that’s what they are called down south as we generally pull them out for hurricanes.

I needed to verify yardage for three upcoming quilts for Island Batik before their Spring 2021 catalog goes to press. Takes a little longer when doing things the old fashioned way with pen and ink…but it worked.

As the sun came out things began to melt and refreeze – made for some really nice photos…

One thing I realized late in the day was neglecting to post my Monday Instagram for the Snowball Challenge. Very ironic as if I’d ventured out today I could have had a small snowball fight…I couldn’t do this from my phone  because I wanted to do some photoshopping and that’s only on the computer…so my Week Three Sneak Peek will be delayed until we get power…

And who knows when that will be – the recording to report outages said noon today, but that call was placed at 2 PM…I figured they are a tad late but hope that noon might be midnight. I’d be happy with that!

I decided to march around the kitchen a bit, stomping my feet and waving my arms for exercise – like you see those fellows in the movies who have been captured and put into enemy’s dungeons or something. All I can say is I didn’t last very long, about 3 or 4 minutes as I sang a song I knew. Actually had plans to do this multiple times today but honestly didn’t remember until just now as I’m telling my tale. I hope I don’t need to do this tomorrow but if I do maybe I will sing two songs and exercise just a bit longer.

Did I mention that our backup plan to use a portable (indoor) propane heater was a fail.  Seems it has some sort of trip safety and it tripped – then has refused to come on at all. Darn it, and we had three full tanks.

Our house had maintained a temperature of 57 most of the day. I’m hoping that will hold thru the night we have a gas generator that has been running intermittently to keep the refrigerator running. I still crack up thinking that keeping frozen food frozen is a priority. In addition I’ve been able to keep my phone charged and this evening plugged in the bathroom portable heater to set at my feet during a rousing game of Battle.

I have to say that we go to a really good neighborhood church. We are in a small group fellowship that generally meets on Monday nights. There’s 7 other couples – who have been in contact throughout the day offering their assistance as their neighborhoods still had power – we’ve been offered guest rooms complete with warm showers and hot meals – if this continues I might take someone up on their offer, but having been a hurricane refugee twice in my life, it’s just easier to chill out in your own home for as long as possible…then again, we are talking heat – so I reserve the right to change my mind.

Ou group leader brought warm soup for lunch – not just soup but a homemade delight!! With real chicken!!!! My Spam dinner paled in comparison, but at least we have a gas stove, despite the fact that it sets off the smoke alarm which upsets poor Oscar terribly.

So that about wraps up the Chronicles of Karen, winter storm trooper, doing our best to keep the sanity as much as stay warm. Such exhausting work (grin). Think I’ll turn in early and add another quilt to the bed.

While I may be writing under the light of a kerosene lantern like Laura Ingles, she has one up on me – a fireplace. A rare commodity in the Texas Gulf Coast. Maybe I just purchase a back up portable propane heater next time…

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement today. Eager for spring that’s for sure!

This is Karen Overton, bidding you a warm goodnight

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4 thoughts on “How Does One Occupy Oneself During A Winter Storm Power Outage?

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Hang in there friend! Been praying for you all. I think if I could get out I’d take up the room with heat and a hot shower!!

  2. farmquilter says:

    Praying for you!!! Daughter is dealing with the same thing up in FW, but she is at her friend’s house and came with 3 bags of firewood for their fireplace. Once that runs out, they will be cold because they can’t find more! Seven people and 4 (big) dogs living in a single room! Your temperature reminds me of the first winter I lived in Washington state on the farm…hubby kept the heat at 58 and we were still paying $750 a month for oil for the furnace. At least I was able to bake up a storm and get the kitchen warm – that was a year before I learned how to quilt. Layer quilts on the bed and wear a beanie to bed to keep your head warm!!

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Gosh, Karen! I hope the fix comes by midnight. My great-nephew lives in Houston and he woke up to snow Monday morning. Your photos are gorgeous but I know how much damage that ice can do. I’m sending prayers your way – stay inside and off those icy streets. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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