Houston, we’ve lost power

It actually happened. Around 0230 I woke up because it was too dark and too quiet – well, quiet enough to hear the sleet and wind.

I am currently “ under cover” working on my iPad that has cellular connections. Under cover with 2 quilts, 2 pairs of socks, and my Bucees flannel PJ’s from Christmas.

No doubt those layers will be added to during the course of the day, and next few days as we figure out what to do without a heat source. Current indoor temp is 63, we have good (“Harvey-new”) foam insulation !

Weather bug says it 18 outside with 40% mixed perception. Looking out the window without light of the moon or street lights I can only see what appears to be snow covered roads but not snow in the grass? So I don’t know if it’s snow or ice. Time will tell. I did hear a roaster crow, proof that he made it through the night! And it’s almost dawn. There’s my “word of the year” – HOPE!

I am going to post this then turn off my electronics. No sewing today, no pattern editing, no social media, no emails or texting…it could be days before we get power and the phone must be reserved for calls to family only.

This is a good morning to roll over and go back to sleep – if I’m like Rip Van Winkle perhaps I will wake up and the world would have changed.

This is Karen Overton The Quilt Rambler, with cold hands and a warm heart.

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2 thoughts on “Houston, we’ve lost power

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    This will be here when your power comes back! I hope you are able to stay warm and comfy as possible. Catch up on your sleep! If nothing shifts we should just get cold rain. We are on the line of a winter weather advisory, but two counties over they are expecting accumulating ice of up to .50 inch. Praying it doesn’t get here!! We have a gas stove, so at least we can cook if the power goes out. We have gas heat also, but that little spark is triggered by electricity! Stay safe my friend. Sending prayers for all affected by this winter storm.

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