Winter Freeze

Forgive me dear readers, for I have been AWOL, it’s been 11 days since my last blog ☺️

I wish I could blame it on just the recent freeze – gulf coast Texans can handle a Cat 5 Hurricane with a “bring it on” attitude but we are like the cowardly lion when it comes to freezing temperatures!


Or I could simply own up to the truth of being missing in action – and it’s not for lack of action! The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. Everything from continuing to move things out to either storage or the RV to the not-so-exciting not-so-glamorous tasks of keeping up with business paperwork.

Moving household goods into storage
Makeshift office area post-Harvey

And then there’s been the secret sewing. In between all the preparations for reconstruction I’ve been diligently working on my last 2017 Island Batik Blog Ambassador project – hot off the frame this week with just the binding to finish – can’t wait to share next week – Jan 25th is my day for the Four Seasons Blog Hop!

Secret sewing in The Quilt Rambler Studio

And then there was the big freeze. Yep, the kind that causes power to go out and pipes to freeze, the kind that makes you glad you are a quilter! Having so many quilts on the bed ya feel like you can’t roll over for the weight!

Preparing for a Trunk Show of Quilts!

Even though it appears the rambler has lost her voice do not be deceived! There’s lots of work going on behind the scenes that can’t be shared yet! Patterns are being written and soon to go to press, quilts are being planned for the upcoming 2018 Island Batik Ambassador program, trunk shows are being curated and several quilt shows and events are being planned! Oh, and there’s a house to be reconstructed in the meantime ????

Let the healing begin!


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, looking forward to going from 20’s to 70’s in the same week! Warmer days are coming! ????





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4 thoughts on “Winter Freeze

  1. Carmen R Wyant says:

    Karen, we all know that life happens and sometimes you just have to “Let go and Let God”. You always have such a positive outlook and all of us who follow you can take a page from your book and when things look down, always look up.

    • thequiltrambler says:

      Aw, what a sweet comment Carmen, I honestly wouldn’t know how to get by in this world without Jesus. Thanks for the encouragement- some days it’s easy to think that I’m in this alone when indeed there are others standing beside me propping me up! ????

  2. Bonny Peters says:

    There is no stopping you, Karen. Those of us that are fortunate enough to have met you in person know that you are always busy working on several projects at once. I wish you warm weather and time for quilting.

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