Where In The World Is The Quilt Rambler?

Island Batik fabric used to make four patch quilting squares

I wish I could say I have been away on a Caribbean cruise (similar to the one in 2014 when I had my photo taken by the large globe in the ship’s library) however, the most I can offer in explanation for being out of blog-touch is I’ve sorta been on a sabbatical. 

I’ll attempt to blog today with a few things I think you will find inspiring and useful.

Do You Have Scraps?

I do! I’ve been holding on to my precious Island Batik scraps for ages. This past year I have reorganized my “stash” and have containers organized by color and size in the “fabric department” of my studio …. everything from yardage to fat quarters, to small scraps – nice and neat and ready to use on a moment’s notice! Well…except for the smaller scraps…they needed to be tamed so they could actually be used!

Anything smaller than a fat quarter was sorted by size/width, pressed, and labeled. Next step was to determine which of my AcuQuilt GoCutter dies could be used to get the largest use of my scrap.

scraps of colorful Island Batik fabrics

I discovered that I could trim everything from a 2½” half square triangle up to a 5” squares. It was a full day’s process but so worth it!

Layering Island Batik scraps for cutting with the AccuQuilt Go Cutter
Island Batik Fabric Scraps cut into 2 1/2" half square triangles
2 1/2″ half square triangles
Island Batik fabric scraps cut into 5" squares
5″ squares
Multiple scraps and sizes of Island Batik fabrics
I prefer squares but sometimes the scraps would only allow for half square triangles
stuffed toy-dog sitting  on top of Island Batik fabric scraps

Even the “dog pile” of trimmings will be used, as I pass these on to a quilting friend who stuffs pillows or something similar.  There were also smaller “crump quilting” size trimmings that I chose to pass on to my “scrap lady” quilting friend from the Galveston Island Quilting Guild…this special friend takes all sizes of useable scraps and makes a minimum of four scrap quilts a month for charity. Don’t worry, I do share “good size” scraps too as it’s my way to be a part of charity quilting. Anyway….

Yep! I feel so accomplished. Can’t wait to sit down and stitch up a scrappy quilt!

Stacks of Island Batik fabrics cut into squares and half square triangles

Speaking of Island Batiks….

I have two treats for you today….

Sizzling Summer Sale

Beautiful bolts of Island Batik fabrics can be found in The Quilt Rambler store

First, in case you were unaware I’ve been dabbling in online live shopping events….and right now I’m in the middle of my Sizzling Summer Sale. Just click on this link to be taken to my online store for super savings on Island Batik fabrics and more! You don’t have to sign in with Facebook, there’s a way to check out simply by setting up an account. I accept PayPal or process through Stripe….shipping is super-duper fast!

Batik Week

Second, I’m excited to help promote Batik Week with Hancock’s of Paducah. They will have specials all week featuring multiple brands of batiks including my all-time favorite manufacturer Island Batik.

My friend, Jennifer Fulton, whom I met when I was an Island Batik Ambassador 2017-2018, will be our special Island Batik guide during Batik Week. She will be sharing batik tips and insights concerning all the week’s happenings on her blog (I’m told there will be videos too) so you will want to connect with her at  The Inquiring Quilter.  

Be sure to follow along across social media with Hancock’s of Paducah, Island Batik, The Inquiring Quilter and even The Quilt Rambler as I have something special to share later during Batik Week! I’ve heard there will be special coupons/pricing on fabrics and kits in addition to giveaways! You aren’t going to want to miss this huge event!

Thanks for taking time to catch up with The Quilt Rambler. The sabbatical is winding down as I’ve had time to reflect, refocus, and reconnect in multiple areas – family, faith, and quilting of course!  

Let’s Talk Quilts! Tell me what you have been working on this summer!

Collection of Island Batik fabrics folded in a container for storage

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

Be sure to subscribe to the blog, newsletter and follow me on social media. Thank you for sharing the journey!

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