Summer Series Fab Four: Synchronized Swimming

Tonight I’m wrapping up the “rest of the story” behind the scenes rambles revealing the creations that have been gracing my design walls these past few months…

Something about the symmetry reminded me of the precision of …well…synchronized swimmers (grin). I have enjoyed making Synchronized Swimming, so much so that I’ve made it two and a half times…more on that in a moment…but I do think my fondest memory will be when our granddaughter, who is learning her colors, proudly pointed to a patch and said “tur-koi-blu.”

I made my “proto-type” quilt using fabrics leftover from my Enchanted Stars quilt made with Island Batik Mermaid Cove fabrics from an older collection  (Spring 2019) – they are the perfect colors for my bathroom and as soon as I can quilt this one it’s hanging above my tub!

Knowing that Island Batik would soon be releasing the signature collection William’s Garden, designed for Deb Tucker by Kathy Engle, around the time I’d have my pattern release I requested fabrics to make the cover quilt. I am so thankful – it’s wonderful being an Island Batik Designer! I just love “tur-koi-blu” don’t you!

As a hexagon shaped quilt, there are so many possibilities in the use of this quilt. If you watched my promotional video on YouTube, you will recognize Synchronized Swimming as a picnic quilt. It would also be a fabulous “tummy time” quilt for a new mom. 

Currently mine is hanging by the front door – yep, I do love the turquoise fabric, actually all the fabrics in this beautiful line – I can’t wait until it’s in our local quilt shop (yes local gals, Sheryl at TEO’s Treasures Quilt Shop ordered the entire collection! Yippee!).

Island Batik has a store locator – click to see if your local shop carries these beautiful fabrics! 

Synchronized Swimming makes a great bed topper or a table topper.

Christmas in July almost happened in The Quilt Rambler Studio – I did make a good start by making samples from several of the patterns in holiday prints.

I’ve got big plans to finish my Christmas version of Synchronized Swimming in the beautiful Island Batik fabrics I purchased locally just for this season of secret sewing. I haven’t decided yet if it will be a table topper or if I will cut a hole in the middle after it’s quilted and make it my tree skirt…I’m actually leaning that direction as my current tree skirt was made for our first Christmas 40 years ago! Stay tuned for that one!

The Quilt Rambler’s Summer Secret Sewing with the Star 60® tool from Studio 180 Design

My friend, and pattern tester, Cindy informed me that she’s already gone fabric shopping up there in Wisconsin and has plans to make Synchronized Swimming in Civil War fabrics! Have to admit that for this tropical-vacation-dreamer-of-tropical-colors sort of gal, the Civil War genre wasn’t anywhere on my radar (gasp) but seeing photos of her fabric pull I can hardly wait to see Cindy’s creation!! Yep – now the whole world knows Cindy! Get those customer quilts finished so you can play in your studio!!! (love ya’ girlfriend!)

The Quilt Rambler’s Synchronized Swimming pattern is a 20-page booklet in full color, well-illustrated with detailed instructions to make a 55″ x 48″ hexagon – including a coloring page so you can audition your own fabric choices!

Currently available as a PDF digital download – I’ve received tracking notification from my printer that the printed booklet format will be arriving this next week! Watch for the announcement on social media, or just make a mental note to check the Etsy store around Aug 15!

I hope you are as excited about these new designs, focusing on Studio 180 Design’s Star 60® tool and either the Tucker Trimmer II ® or the Four Patch Square Up®, as I am. I’ve enjoyed thinking outside the triangle designing these and will be pleased as punch to see your versions of this Summer Series Fab Four collection! Be sure to tag The Quilt Rambler on social media, and if you aren’t a member of my Facebook group Tucker Time With The Quilt Rambler, well, consider this your personal invitation to enjoy the inspiration from other quilters who love all things Deb Tucker related!

Now to go clear off the design wall, as I’m hosting my final 2020 Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ two-day event and the gals are going to need the design walls!

Guess I get to do a little “show and tell” tomorrow when the gals arrive….oh, and I’ve got a couple of local quilt guild lectures coming up in the next few weeks – need to update the website schedule…oh so many things to do and sew little time!

Summer Series Fab Four Original Designs by The Quilt Rambler

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler…oh wait! There’s more!

Next week I will be sharing another project made with Deb Tucker’s Signature Collection River Valley (also from Island Batik designed by Kathy Engle)…do you remember a recent post where I remade my pattern Simply Celebrate in this beautiful line…well…I remade one of my Summer Series Fab Four patterns in River Valley and I will be sharing it next week! Leave a comment if you want to guess which pattern I’ve chosen…. yep, there’s always more! Good thing, cuz this rambler needs to ramble on…and on…and on…

That’s a Wrap!

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