There is a historical marker in my community by Galveston Bay which reminded me that we, as both Texans and especially as Americans, are a resilient people.

I dare say not a community across this great land has been spared of some sort of calamity in its past history – from blizzards to floods, fires to earthquakes, tornados to mud slides, and many other things I can’t think of at the moment. At these times of disaster, a community comes together to help each other through the rough roads back to recovery, encouraging each other that “this is only temporary”, “we will rebuild!”, “we will be stronger than before”. I have witnessed this firsthand before, as I’m sure you have also.

Currently we battle a faceless enemy called Covid-19 – we are in a war like no other, for indeed how many wars in past history held its people hostage in isolation, separated from the very community they need for support? Yet it is in this social distancing that we are hopeful to win the battle.

I am reminded also of the motto on our currency, “In God we Trust” – true, not everyone believes that, but those of faith are carrying the torch to pray for their neighbors, praying for those on the front lines, praying for God’s mercy. 

Many are doing what they can to encourage their community all the while practicing the stay at home recommendations. It’s called “Love Your Neighbor” – do things unselfishly for the better of mankind, give up your large gatherings, practice good hygiene, follow recommendations to help move our society past this dark time in our current history.

It’s not easy. Most if not all of us are experiencing anxiety, stress, fear – our very physical, emotional, and spiritual foundations are being tested. 

Yes, this IS a test. It’s only a test. A test of our wills to respond in kindness to those needing help, the sharing of our toilet paper with an elderly neighbor, the finding creative ways to communicate through phone calls, online chats or perhaps even a teacher parade through the neighborhood to wave to the children in a distance reassuring them that they are still loved. Isolated yet connected on a deeper level.

Yes, we are a resilient people. We will be stronger than ever before. We will rebuild. We will not just survive, we will thrive! This battle may seem forever, but in reality, it’s just another glitch on the timeline of humanity. It is temporary – for how long, we know not for sure BUT we are the people, the proud Americans who in God we trust! With the help of The Almighty we are more than conquerors! This too shall pass! 

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

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5 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Carol says:

    I smiled at the title, “Resilience.” It was my chosen “word” to help me through 2020. While I do not make resolutions, the word idea appeals to me. It was an interesting read and especially since my maiden name is Clifton!
    May we all find enough resilience to get through the daily challenges we face.

  2. farmquilter says:

    We, as humans, are much more resilient then we think we are! God made us that way so we could deal with all that life throws at us. In a hurricane, the mighty oak comes down, but the more flexible blades of grass spring back after they are battered. We need to be strong but flexible…resilient!! We will survive this virus and the accompanying economic havoc! And people will remember the kindnesses of their neighbors and strangers. Thank you for reminding us that we are resilient!!

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    We are resilient by God’s design!! Thanks for this reminder! As I sit here with what I thought was sciatica, found out yesterday that it is sciatica that has been aggravated by shingles. This is some of the worse pain I’ve ever felt, but praise God, this too will pass! Thankfully no one in our family has been touched by Covid-19 and praying we all and our friends and neighbors stay healthy as well as our cyberfriends. We are on lockdown until the end of April right now. Thankfully my DH can work from home, so we still have an income. We are blessed.

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