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Product Spotlight – Sew Batik

Fall Quilt Market 2018 is a wrap! Right behind its heels is the Houston International Quilt Festival,  around here in the Houston area we just call it Festival for short. If you follow my social media you’ve had a small taste of Fall Market through the eyes of this rambler. Trust me, I’ve got more photos and stories to share when I can catch my breath but Festival Preview Night is Wednesday and there’s sew much to do and sew little time!

Attention Festival Attendees! Here's a heads up on your shopping

Sew Batik

Sew Batik began in 2004 as an online, or at show only, seller of beautiful batiks. They truly don’t need an introduction as most of you have seen them at a quilt show  – you can’t miss their beautiful display with an island feel (sometimes with a tiki hut counter) or owners Bruce and Dianne wearing their product!

Sew Batik owners, Dianne and Bruce with The Quilt Rambler at Fall Market 2018
Wide back Sew Batik fabrics make life easier on the quilter – no more piecing backs

I can’t remember exactly when I first met Bruce and Dianne, but it was around the time I began longarm quilting, which was 2004 by the way – some of you may remember me as Quilts ‘N Kaboodle. When I did meet them, I quickly signed up for their longarm associate program – namely allowing me to refer my longarm customers to their website using the code LA1176 at their checkout which provided me with a small referral fee (at no cost to my customers). I continue to recommend their products, especially the wide back batiks, such a dream to quilt with, not too tightly woven that it gives your longarm quilter a tension headache if there is batik on top and on the bottom. And it washes well, ask me how I know!!!! okay, I’ll tell you! I have a personal bed quilt that is probably 10+ years old quilted with a Sew Batik wide back – who knows how many times it has been washed and it is just as beautiful today as the day I bought it. Of course, through the years I have quilted many personal and customer quilts using Sew Batik wide backs!  They offer fabulous selections and I dearly love that the wide backs come precut in the sizes that are popular. Yep. Make life easy on yourself, use Sew Batik wide backings.

Well….while visiting with Bruce and Dianne at Fall Market I learned that they were introducing a new product line to the Houston Festival goers.

…hold on….wait for it….drum roll, please!!!!!

Who knew! 100% Cotton Batik Jersey Knits from Sew Batik

100% Cotton Batik Jersey Knits

Actually introduced at Spring Market, 100% cotton batik jersey knits were such a hit that they oversold their product! No worries – Bruce stated that they have this product back in stock and ready for you at the Sew Batik Booth 500. But a word to the wise, don’t wait until late in the week or you may be on a waiting list!

These 100% cotton batik jersey knits are offered in 19 combinations at 72″ wide and are totally fabulous! I’ve never sewn on jersey knit and have always wanted to! I have a friend who can sew with anything so she’s promised to help me if I have any questions. Since you know how much I love batiks I can already see me coming out with a new spring wardrobe with these 100% cotton batik jersey knits from Sew Batik, can’t you! Oh, sew much to do and sew little time.

Sew Batik Products

In addition to the new 100% cotton batik jersey knits and wide back batiks mention, Sew Batik offers fun precuts from fabric bundles, precuts,  fusible applique shapes, fabric kits, apparel patterns, and their ever popular beautiful batik rayons to make any wardrobe stunning. Oh, sew much to do and sew little time! I truly need a wardrobe makeover. Does anyone want to sew for this rambler? Sigh.

Isn’t Chrissy just darlin’ modeling a beautiful jacket made with Sew Batik Rayon – did I mention that “I want one!”

See You At Festival

If you are coming this week to Festival and you see me wandering the isles (all who wander are not lost) be sure and introduce yourselves, I have been on a mission to collect hugs this past week at Fall Market and will continue said mission during Festival! Quilters give the warmest hugs, in case you didn’t know! Be sure and stop by Sew Batik Booth 500 and tell Bruce and Dianne that The Quilt Rambler sent ya and I betcha’ you can get a hug out of it! I know you can find fabulous batiks calling your name saying “take me home!”  Be sure and comment about your shopping experience and what projects you will make with Sew Batik!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, Loving that Fall Market and Quilt Festival are in my hometown of Houston! Welcome to Texas Y’all!

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