Pattern Release – Split My Gaggle

Officially introducing my third pattern for my first Signature Collection, Vincent’s Garden, for The Quilt Rambler by Island Batik…..SPLIT MY GAGGLE!

It’s hard to imagine that a year ago I was sitting under the Palapas (tiki hut) on a nice sunny March day working on the binding for this beauty. I still recall the tranquility of it all.

Split My Gaggle

I truly enjoy the entire process of making a quilt. From the design concept, to the choosing of the fabrics, to the piecing, the quilting, the binding, the photography, and the pattern writing – then actually holding the printed format in my hands after eagerly opening the box from the printer knowing that the pattern release announcement is almost here!

It’s almost a fantasy making me want to pinch myself… I do think it begins to become “real” as soon as I roll the quilt off the longarm. Something about taking that final stitch with signing my initials and year in the quilting is so satisfying.

It’s equally challenging and fun to try to be creative in taking photos of my quilts. Front yard, backyard…what else can I do to make this quilt interesting and inviting?

And then there’s the naming… a gaggle of geese? giggling gaggles? After all, there are a bunch of flying geese units, all made efficiently and precisely with Studio 180 Design’s Wing Clipper I. Ah, but then there’s the added Split Rects.… I believe my sister gets the credit for the brainstorming of the name…Split My Gaggle it is!

Pattern Testers

I am so pleased that I have such wonderful quilting friends whom I can call on to take time from their busy quilting lives to take time to “proof the pattern”. These fabulous quilters have the task of not only checking to see if I’ve dotted every i and crossed every t, they also check for clarity in the written instructions and help verify that the illustrations are such that those who “quilt by picture” have a lot of references! Oh, and then they make the quilt! It’s sew much fun for me to see their fabric choices! Without further rambles, let me share their creations! Thank you ladies! You make my day!

Vincent’s Garden

There’s never enough hours to make all the quilts! When I was designing Split My Gaggle I considered it in a different color way, also fabrics within the Vincent’s Garden Signature Collection. What do you think? Which version do you like, the lighter background or the darker background?

Isn’t it amazing how changing the fabrics can make all the difference! One reason why I love to see what my pattern testers come up with!

Did you happen to notice a few of the ladies send me photos of their fabric key chart? They downloaded my complementary PDF to help translate my fabrics to theirs. Have to admit it’s a helpful little thing to have, I hope you will revisit my post and download a fabric key for yourselves!

Split My Gaggle Patterns NOW available!

The print version of Split My Gaggle arrived last week and is joining my other newly released patterns featuring Vincent’s Garden fabrics from Island Batik. In addition Split My Gaggle is available as a PDF digital download. International quilters will need to shop at a different link, Payhip, due to all those customs/tax issues – thanks for understanding!

What’s Next!!

Glad you asked! I will be teaching Split My Gaggle soon and would love for you to join me! Either in Phoenix in April or my May Land Locked Quilting Cruise event here in Houston!

But Wait! There’s More!

Of course there is! A rambler’s job is never done (grin). I just received a huge box from Island Batik containing my super secret quilts featuring my upcoming second Signature Collection….shh….I have to keep them under wraps for a while longer – the Spring/Summer 2021 catalog will be released soon to retailers – tell your favorite shop to look for The Quilt Rambler’s Signature Collection and patterns for fall shipping! I’ll soon be writing patterns for these new designs and I think you’re gonna like them!

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my newest patterns featuring the fabrics in The Quilt Rambler’s Signature Collection Vincent’s Garden by Island Batik.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, saying thank you again to Jammie, Joy, Kim, Cindy and Lisa for being such awesome pattern testers!

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