Oh The Joys of Technology

Houston, we have a problem

While the rest of the world might be faster than a speeding train, some of us might have a little catching up to do. Take for example, learning something new on the computer…

Apples to Oranges/Analog to Digital: There’s Always Something New Coming Down the Track

Sadly, this came to my attention in a very real situation today, and I want to apologize to my readers and those new to the blog, specifically the Whistle Stop Tour blog hop previously posted.

I’m Talking Embedded PDF’s

First of all, I discovered upon reading my email this morning that those of you who subscribe to my blog via email are probably thinking I’m a nut case as the pattern PDF’s didn’t show up at all in the email. Sigh. To my regret, I discovered that since they are “embedded” that simply means they are online somewhere in cypervile and not transferable to an email format. You will need to visit the website to see what all the fuss is about!

Next I realized that my super cool PDF Embedder widget is not familiar with many of my readers and caused a little frustration in trying to download the patterns. It’s different that the normal “click on a link” to go to a different page.

The PDF is actually embedded in the copy of the blog post, it’s where you are able to scroll through multiple pages (if there were multiple pages) and view the document prior to downloading. It can be enlarged, and is really cool feature when you are just scrolling along and want to preview the content. Not all PDFs on websites need to be downloaded, the idea is to be able to read a document in a document format verses the formatting limitations on a website or blog. Pretty cool widget if I do say so myself.

How To Download an Embedded PDF

It’s different but it’s not difficult. Just a few more steps than what is the norm.

Look for this icon to begin the dowload

The illustration above is a close up of the icon to look for. The illustration below shows it in context as seen from the website Whistle Stop Tour blog post earlier today.

Once you click on that seemingly hidden button the PDF will load in a separate window full size. On my computer I have to hover over it with the mouse to have the next set of icons pop up. After locating and clicking on that download button the PDF is then downloaded – depending upon your operating system it may open up in Preview, or Adobe or whatever PDF reader your computer recognizes. You will then be able to save the file, or even rename the file before saving.

Houston, We Are Go for Downloading

Again my apologies for the difficulties many found in attempting to locate and download the PDF patterns offered on my blog post as part of the Whistle Stop Tour. Technology is always changing and I hope this little tutorial has helped you learn how to download an embedded PDF if you run across one again in the future. Actually, if you are a part of my tribe, you will run across this! In fact, a three page PDF is embedded on the Frequently Asked Questions page concerning the upcoming Onboard Quilting Excursion! ™ Quilting with The Rambler & The Redneck – check it out, we’d love to welcome you aboard the cruise ship, after you’ve finished your train ride of course ! Grin!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, proving that if I can learn something new I can teach it to you!

Update: I have now made a YouTube “looking over my shoulder” on how the embedded PDF looks on my iPad and Mac. I hope you find this useful.

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3 thoughts on “Oh The Joys of Technology

  1. Sue Tucker says:

    Well done Karen! I can only imagine what your day was like trying to address this yesterday. It was a great blog, and this is a terrific follow up! I also love learning something new! Thank you!

  2. Gene Black says:

    FYI -it isn’t the same on all browsers/operating systems. On my Mac, using Chrome, that download button is at the top right.

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      That’s interesting- I use a Mac with Safari – would love a screen shot Gene. I guess the important part is knowing you have to look for a button instead of just clicking on a link. Thanks for the further education!

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