Oh baby!

December 24. Christmas Eve. The anticipation of the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus.

Today I’m celebrating the birth of another little one. A friend from church. And of course, a baby means a quilt right?!

Sometimes the best-laid plans get a little sidetracked- such was the case with this baby quilt. I procrastinated and didn’t order the fabric until a few weeks before the baby was due…then came Harvey…and the baby!!!

Yep, the precious little one held on during the storm but right afterward made her entrance into the world. Mom, dad and big sister welcomed her with open arms even though they were displaced due to flooding and have yet to return to their “normal” home.

Miss Procrastinator here finally caught up and made that baby a quilt! I thought I took more photos but my smokin’ needle kept me focused.

I did, however, remember to document the use of a new tool by Deb Tucker to perfect my four patches. And yes, it gets an A++ in my product review.

I hope the little one will enjoy this quilt for a long time – I made it a little bigger so big sis could cuddle with her.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, looking forward to the celebration of the true meaning of Christmas – the arrival of Jesus!





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