31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2017, Rambling On, Weekly Review

My 2017 According to Instagram

Today is day 22 of the 31-day blog writing challenge and I really couldn’t think of anything to ramble about besides Christmas quilts, or going out to lunch with my daughter-in-law yesterday – not that these events aren’t significant- I just neglected to take photos yesterday…

Ah, but I’ve got a whole year of photos on my Instagram accounts!! What a novel idea! How about 22 photos to celebrate 22 consecutive days writing my blog and perhaps encourage you to also like and follow me on Instagram!

By the way, I have two accounts. The personal one has been around for a few years. The business one just opened in 2017.

Okay. Time to scroll through photos – this is my personal reminder that more happened to me this year besides Hurricane Harvey. For a full review visit both accounts…otherwise here are my screenshots from Instagram!

January, February, March

The first quarter of the year found me busy reorganizing and launching my new company, The Quilt Rambler. Among the memories of these months was having my eldest son assist with professional photos and launching a YouTube channel. I also took a little time for personal sewing with my Island Quilter’s Guild and began my journey as an Island Batik Ambassador. Oh, and I participated in not one but two 31 day challenges on Instagram!

New Year, New Beginning
New Studio redo
Love going to Sew Ins
Becoming and Island Batik Ambassador
Instagram challenge post

April, May

By springtime things seemed to be rolling right along in the new direction – YouTube tutorial, traveling to teach, making plans to finally quilt some personal quilts in waiting and enjoying all the monthly Island Batik Ambassador Challenges.

Sharing a tutorial based on my Island Batik Ambassador project
Preparing for an upcoming lecture and workshop in Arizona
Posted a pile of personal quilts in waiting – the top one actually got quilted this year, never mind it was pieced 10 years ago
I had high hopes of enjoying some quality beach time this summer
One of my favorite Island Batik Challenges – “This is the Way, Walk in It”


June, July, Aug

Ah, summer. My absolute favorite time of the year! Family reunions, bike rides, anything outdoors when I wasn’t in the studio! A perfect summer, up until the last week….

A few of my favorite things
I love July – after all, it is my birthday month!
I posted A BUNCH of #flatolfa photos and one actually was chosen!
Heading out to Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor training

September, October, November, December

And then came Harvey, for over a week the Texas Gulf Coast was pounded with rain and flood waters. Sometimes it seems like these last four months have been a lifetime. Certainly changed my goals both personal and quilting. Just proving once again that life is indeed full of challenges….but there’s joy along the way too!

Clean up after Hurricane Harvey
Many “quilt angels” came to my rescue to wash my quilts and fabrics after Harvey
We did have something to look forward to, a nice break from the clean up
And then there was Festival and Market – indeed something to look forward to
A reminder of good things to come
Lots of flower photos on Instagram and Facebook – each day was a new lesson

Looking forward to 2018

This past year has had some challenges – redoing the studio last January just to have to redo it again this next year (grin), I participated in two Instagram challenges simultaneously and managed to post every day as per the challenge. I was challenged each month as an Island Batik Ambassador, missing only the month of October (good excuse, thanks, Harvey) but I will be catching up on that one soon. I challenged myself to apply for Studio 180 Design Certification and graduated! And despite being terribly behind in my quilting trying to meet Christmas deadlines I have kept up with this blog writing challenge….

There are still nine days left in 2017 and I don’t want to wish my life away…another day I’ll think about goal planning, I’ve heard there’s another challenge out there with just that very topic, so who knows!

In the meantime,

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, trying to focus on all the blessings despite the circumstances. Christmas countdown 3 days!!





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