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What’s an inventory quilt you ask? Think a combo of stashbusting meets memory quilt, sorta but not exactly. It is something I know you will want to explore more!

The idea began with a talented quilter named Jessica of Jessica Quilter also known on Instagram as @Jessicaquilter. Seems the good folks at Just Wanna Quilt picked up on her inspiration and ran with it! More details can be found here on the JWQ website

Jessica had an idea to use a little bit of her favorite fabrics from her “inventory” and the rest they say is history!

Featured Designer

So what does that have to do with The Quilt Rambler? and why am I doing my best to peek your interest?

If you are like me you have mountains of beautiful fabrics. Some is leftover from previous projects, some has been purchased for future projects, and some is just too dad-gum pretty to cut up, cuz we all know if you cut it up and use it you won’t have it any more! Gasp!

Fast forward to the idea of #inventoryquilt What about using small parts of your inventory (or scraps or stash or whatever you call your prized possessions!) to make a special quilt? Well, the good folks at Just Wanna Quilt Facebook Group thought it would be fun to reach out to pattern designers for quilt patterns that would lend themselves to this fun process.

And of course, I said YES!

JWQ Inventory Quilt Sew Along

The response has been so overwhelming that an off-shoot Facebook Group has been formed for members to post their progress of their own personal inventory quilt.

And for those of you not on Facebook you can follow along on Instagram @justwannaquilt as well as follow Willow who is spearheading this project @bearpaw-stitchdesign and of course Jessica as mentioned above @jessicaquilter Just search hashtags #inventoryquilt and #justwannainventoryquilt to see what others are working on!

Sew Tell Me More

I’m just getting my feet wet on this one. I’ve said YES to participate and the good folks at Just Wanna Quilt are patiently holding my hand as I navigate the waters…

Two things I know for sure – (1) my month to be featured is May and (2) we will be featuring my pattern Geese Over Galveston Bay.

Okay, I actually know a bit more than that….I know that I will be remaking my pattern with my personal goal of using “inventory” of my scraps from as many of my quilts made as cover quilts for my patterns – which simply means – It’s an ISLAND BATIK celebration quilt!

Oh, and I’ve been inspired by one of my students from last May’s quilting cruise to use a dark background to show off my fabrics. I think it’s soooo cool that Island Batik offers a beautiful solid black batik – and that I purchased a whole bolt of it!! So yep, I’m ready!

But Wait, There’s More!

I neglected to mention that my pattern Geese Over Galveston Bay in PDF format is available for the remainder of 2020 at a 20% discount! Yep…here’s the link and you will need to enter the code JWQ2020

Obviously there are a lot of designers with patterns to inspire you, and of course you are more than welcomed to come up with your own designs. Oh – and you aren’t limited to just one, no no no….you might be an aspiring quilter who wants to make one each month along with the featured designers! The sky is the limit – or should we say “you are only limited by your inventory and no one says you can’t add to it!” Yep – permission to go shopping!

Sew, what are you waiting on?!! Will you work through leftovers from previous projects? Will you decide you want to use just one hue? Perhaps all your blue fabrics? Will you take a small cut out of fabrics in waiting (hey, that might be a new synonym for inventory) to showcase your collection?

Hope you will explore the possibilities!

I know I can’t wait to create with the fabrics that launched my pattern designer career! Stay tuned!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, eager for a new quilt project – love being inspired by the folks at Just Wanna Quilt!

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  1. Willow says:

    Karen, your post is so fun!!! I am so thrilled that you are one of the Inventory Quilt Designers and can’t wait to see what you create!

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