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I’m actually all rambled out this evening, and I am sad to say I haven’t sewn much lately.

Such is life! It’s just a temporary current world view.

It’s been a wild month so far (not to mention we are all experiencing a more than crazy year). Well, in my neck of the woods I’ve begun a huge work in progress (several actually), I may have mentioned this already?!

Right after Labor Day we began the process of “winterizing” the studio. With this season’s Land Locked Quilting Cruise events coming to an end, and the new season of “secret sewing” soon to begin, it was time to rearrange.

Simultaneously, I began working on a new website, you might notice that it’s still a work in progress. Sigh. Didn’t help much that we lost the internet for 5 days (holiday weekend). It’s been a balancing act of moving things around a bit, working on the new edition of the website (online shopping), all the while juggling blog hops, guild meetings, and a workshop.

Ah, but I have carved out a little me time along the way…lunch and shopping with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter made for a fun day! I didn’t do much shopping, instead enjoyed finding interesting things for Little Bit (as I like to call her) to look at, including waving to ourselves in a store mirror! “Hi Oma.” Yep, gotta take time to have some family fun along the way.

Back to work! The fellows are always so good to lend me a hand and to do the heavy lifting!

Why all the fuss? Besides the fact that I really just like to reorganize once or twice a year? Because 2 out of 3 boxes arrived last Thursday … quite frankly I’m a tad concerned with that third one … hoping it will get here before Tropical Storm Beta….oh yeah, we’ve been in storm prep again this weekend…should be fine… prayers always appreciated! Anyway, all this fuss is in preparation for that secret sewing I mentioned earlier….

It’s actually kinda weird if you think about it too much…My fall 2020 signature line with Island Batik won’t be announced until the end of the year (quilts mailed back in April for the catalog photos), yet before the end of the year my spring 2021 signature line, also with Island Batik, will need to have all the supporting quilts made and mailed before Christmas!

The Quilt Rambler Studio Sewing Center and Design Walls

So here’s my current world view as of today. The sewing area is ready! The office is a mess. The website’s online shopping isn’t completed yet, nor have I shipped out the fabrics to my blogging friends who have agreed to do a little secret sewing themselves in anticipation for a blog hop the first of the year to share the Fall 2020 Signature Line….But! The sewing area is ready!!!!

Got lots to do, never dull or boring over here! The song playing on my iPad right now reminds me …”This is the first day of the rest of your life… even in the dark you can see the light, it will be alright….love will hold us together, make us a shelter the storm…”

Yep, that about sums it up. Each day is a new beginning, some days are harder than others, sometimes there’s storms, but most the time I think life is pretty darn good – and I love sharing it!

I think I went a little over my five minutes (ha ha). That’s actually the length of my little video to show you the progress… Now back to work!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, still a work in progress myself!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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