Closing Out The Year

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is typically my time for personal sewing or just relaxing…not this year! It’s been a busy crazy week and it’s not over yet!

I’ve been reorganizing the studio, seems like all year, but in reality, just a few weeks/months (said in an Eeyore voice) and specifically this last week as I prepared for the Year End Sale Online Shop Hop for Quilters…. or what I renamed my End of the Year Inventory Reduction Sale.

In case you missed the Live broadcast I wanted to let you know that the sale prices are good through Friday 12/31/21, for example, current fabric is 20% off but will be regular pricing come the new year.

How Do I See Everything?

I thought it was so cool that one of my shoppers asked that question during the live event as it’s a very important question that deserves revisiting.

The screen shot above is from my iPad as I was reviewing the replay, which can be found here on my website.

While watching live on Facebook is more interactive with comments, those not on FB or who want to just watch and/or checkout as a guest can watch the event live on the website – which I think is more intuitive as you can scroll through the items discussed, as well as look at other items listed in the store. This is also where you can find past events that have been recorded – which is wonderful if the time schedule for the LIVE event doesn’t meet with your personal schedule. Only disadvantage is the availability of limited items.  

How Fast Can a Rambler Ramble?

I think I set the record for being on speed dial this past week! Oh me oh my…part of it was because we had internet problems before Christmas until a few short hours right up to my live event on Tuesday…the signal would go in and out, then come back again, then be out for hours! Never fails when you have important things to do!

The technician arrived at 1 PM the day of my event, leaving me only a few hours to upload 80+ sale items! Yep – it was a fried cable or something ….

So, to answer the question, how fast can a Rambler ramble? How about sharing over 100 sale items in about an hour’s time!

Seriously, you aren’t going to want to miss out on these rock bottom prices! And no, you don’t have to sit through the entire replay unless you need a good laugh and some cheap entertainment…. you can go to the replay and scroll through the items to the right of the video to see everything I shared…. or you can skip right over it and go to the Special Items Limited Supply tab to find the closeout pricing! When these items are gone, they are gone!

Shop Hop Schedule

There’s still time to view the rest of this week’s quilt shops, as well as go back to review everyone’s replays to see what you might have missed that you can’t live without. This is the perfect opportunity to grab some quilt kits, fabrics, notions as you plan out your sewing schedule for 2022. 

I’d like to thank Sarah of Sew Much Charm for hosting this event and providing the graphics for our schedule.

What’s Coming Up in 2022

Well, that’s a loaded question indeed for I always have huge plans! (grin) and will probably have a blog post or two in the next few days with more details…but just in case here’s the short list.

On the immediate to do list is pattern writing for 5 new designs from both my 2nd & 3rd Signature Collections from Island Batik while working on 3 secret sewing projects for the 4th Signature Collection from Island Batik that will be due very shortly for photographing for the Spring/Summer 2022 Catalog.

As I’m learning more about the Comment Sold platform, I will be doing more Live Events. Watch the website/newsletter/blog/facebook for future dates. Thank you for your patience as I learn this program.

In addition I am planning on a Quilt Along late spring/early summer that will be using precuts – go grab yourself a matching set of 2.5” strips and 10” stacks while they are on sale and trust me for the details coming soon…I briefly mentioned this is the Live Broadcast – a set of precuts, plus background yardage will yield two lap size quilts or one big quilt (don’t forget the 20% off sale – check out our basics for backgrounds!)….oh, and an added hint – if you like scrappy backgrounds consider the Freedom Light precuts for this project – you will need both the 2.5″ and 10″ sizes…yep…save lots of cutting with precuts! Oh, and did I mention that this is a one tool design! You are going to love it!!

There’s more to come but I’ll save it for another ramble…

On a Personal Note

We continue to be thankful for the newest member of our family! What a way to close out the year!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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