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Summer Lovin – Blow flowers

When was the last time you made a wish on a blow flower? Okay, officially it's called a dandelion but my grandmother who lived in the country called it a blow flower, so blow flower it is. Make a wish, blow, and watch in childlike wonder the aerodynamics of nature's way to spread seeds. Ah,… Continue reading Summer Lovin – Blow flowers

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Summer Sewing: Party of One Quilt Retreat

Honey, I'm home! I shared a tad the other day about my "party for one" quilt retreat at an undisclosed location (grin). Well, I'm home so now I will backtrack and tell you the rest of the story... Settle in as I ramble on.   Quilt Retreat: Okay, so I stretched it a bit -… Continue reading Summer Sewing: Party of One Quilt Retreat

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Quilt Story Saturday – For Elise

Welcome once again to Quilt Story Saturday, it's a cool morning here in the Texas Gulf Coast, so join me for that second cup of warm beverage and spend a moment as I ramble about the quilt  My Colorful Past, a quilt made from leftover parts and pieces of previous quilts or orphan blocks. For Elise… Continue reading Quilt Story Saturday – For Elise

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My Colorful Past – Quilt Story Saturday

I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. The Jetsons and Yogi Bear were among my favorites. I especially liked the way Jane could look so perfectly made up when talking on her futuristic phone. If I could make that come true I might be tempted to use FaceTime or Skype....until then, no thank… Continue reading My Colorful Past – Quilt Story Saturday