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Modern Quilt Island Batik Challenge – Part 2 – Quilting The Quilt

…to continue…. Quilting A Modern Quilt As a review, I’m an Island Batik Ambassador and [...]

Modern Quilt Island Batik Challenge Part 1

Modern Quilt In The Making May’s Island Batik challenge is to make a modern quilt. [...]

What Do You Get When You Add Friends And Fabric?

 …A quilting day with friends of course! The Quilt Rambler has been on the road [...]

Secret Quilting – A Secret No More

If you have been following The Quilt Rambler on social media the past few weeks [...]

Illuminated Journey – Arizona!

Arizona, We have landed! I have been looking forward to this journey for months! This [...]

As the Crow Flies

For over a week I’ve been humming that old song “I’m leaving, on a jet [...]

Can You Relate to My Whirlwind?

 The Past Few Weeks Have Been a Whirlwind At times do you feel like you [...]

Easter Appliqué With Island Batik Fabrics

The April challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is “Adventurous Appliqué'” and since Easter is [...]

Furry Fridays With Island Batik Ambassadors

Piece for Shelter Pets  and the Island Batik Ambassadors have been publishing Furry Friday posts [...]

How To Make a Quilted Composition Notebook Cover

UDATED Feb 2023 Some things improve with age, other things have a way of changing. [...]

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