You Are Now Entering A Stress-Free Zone

Entrance to The Quilt Rambler Studio

Or so the sign says! It will be a stress-free zone once it’s in full operational mode. Yep, today we began moving shelving and totes from the storage unit to the studio. As our youngest son commented  “Its good to see the rooms cluttered with things instead of debris” – that was certainly a welcomed way of looking at things after the fatigue of our third truckload!

Watermark left on the RV tire after Tuesday’s rain

We have now occupied the “big house” for 5 days (since the bed was set up on Monday) and I can tell you, this “new house same location” feels HUGE after 8+ months of living in an RV! During those 5 days, we have seen 9 1/2″ of rain and a few times were concerned with the rising waters – fortunately, it’s been a slow rain and there has been a little time for the ditches to drain but there is so much standing water that the mosquitoes have become unbearable! They actually invaded last week when we had the doors open while wet vacuuming the lower studio after our little interior flood. Spraying around the door has helped a bit – but they are at a record all-time high!

Mosquito Spray to try to reduce the little blood suckers from coming into the house!

My former studio had a lot of cabinetry that was ruined and replaced with shelving and totes  – these were very functional last fall while trying to operate my longarm quilting business and get customer quilts done by Christmas and before reconstruction began the first of the year. They have all been in a storage unit and today was the day to begin moving some back home.

Shelf in the truck bed and longarm stool awaiting unloading until hubby can fog around the door to rid of mosquitoes


Loaded with totes full of quilting supplies, customer quilts in waiting, fabric stash, tools, etc  There’s a whole lot more!

We made three trips so far, one shelf at a time, with 3 more units to go. I think we’ve decided that’s enough moving for one day to allow me time to sort through the totes and decide where to place everything.

A wall of totes waiting to be sorted and put on shelving. This is the “upper level” of the studio where my office is located


This is the “lower level” that flooded last week. Need to uncover that longarm table before the A1 Quilting Machine is delivered next week!


The entrance into the kitchen off the studio – for those who wondered where my purple wall was hiding!

In the meantime, I have some secret sewing going on too…so this is short and sweet. My apologies for not keeping in touch better or being more rambling with the quilt stories, just not enough hours in the day!

Secret Sewing naturally involves Island Batik fabrics and Studio 180 Design techniques and tools

As we close the chapter on our hurricane experience (and begin the new one of moving in) our hearts are heavy for those just experiencing the recent storms in the east coast. Please know if you are reading this that we are praying for you. Praying that God would give you wisdom in the choices that you are having to make, that He would give you strength for the tasks at hand, and that when you lay down you can have rest and sweet sleep to be able to wake up and face another day. As my Galveston island friends who experienced Ike in 2008 comforted me while going through Harvey, I hope to be an encouragement to you experiencing Florence or whatever the storm may be. You are not alone. Know that people are praying, and there will be people to come alongside you to help. There will be an end to this. You are stronger than the storm!

I hope this song by one of our local gals will encourage you.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler hoping that your quilting area is your stress-free zone.

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